Top 3 Reasons Why Cars Vibrate

August 23, 2017 Mark Gittelman 0

Here we’ll review the top three reasons why cars vibrate while driving. The key words from the last sentence are while driving. An automobile can also vibrate at idle or all the time. This article addresses the situation, when the car runs smoothly in park, but as it begins to […]

car accidents

5 Car Accident Facts That Will Shock You

August 11, 2017 Auto Facts 0

We are a mobile society. But right now, we’re not talking about smartphones. When is the last time you jumped in your car to go buy a gallon of milk instead of walking? Or drove the kids to school when you only live three blocks away? All that driving despite […]

Manifold Absolute Presure Sensor

Top 5 Causes of Engine Hesitation

August 8, 2017 Mark Gittelman 0

We decided to review the top five causes of engine hesitation, because it’s a far-reaching problem. It also lands high on the list of the most annoying automotive problems. Drivers push on the gas pedal and expect the engine to respond the way it did when they first got the […]