Automotive News For Regular People

Automotive news stories my views and opinions are at the bottom of this page. After being in the business for 30 years I’ve become jaded about the top industry information available on the Internet.

You read the story or article and they usually provide little or no value or even real world information to the public. I am trying to change this by providing news stories that really catch my eye and will have an impact on regular automotive consumers.

Many web sites gear their car news towards large auto industry employees and staff. What about the regular People? Most of the general public seeking car news and automobile related stories want information that affects them.

They aren’t concerned with or find interesting a news report spending 3 pages discussing why Toyota gross profits are down .2% for the month of February.

So below you will find quick links to my own hand written articles that condense and decipher the reports that effect the general public. I believe this is a different approach to the massive amount of automotive news available to the online consumer.

What Automotive News Should We Add

I would also like to include stories that interests you. You can submit a request and provide me with ideas on what you want to read about. Even better I invite you to right your own news article and provide your opinion. This is what I love about the Internet. We all get to share our ideas, opinions and thoughts.

The submission box is on my auto repair book page, this will hold an article up to a thousand words and will be delivered right to my in-box.

I will post the automobile articles on the appropriate page where it can be shared with around a thousand daily visitors this website currently enjoys.

For a list of the most recent articles visit the Auto Facts blog. Give this page a bookmark or share with a friend. Come back to see the updated news stories and information about cars.

News Articles and Stories About Cars

As a fan of government vehicles I keep my eyes open for interesting police cars. Here is an article about the new Ford Taurus police interceptor and the Dodge charger. Two hot new police cars. ATC systems integrated with ABS brake systems has increased in popularity. You may find these complex systems on even base model economy cars. Learn what can go wrong with automatic traction control.

Automotive replacement mileage is rising to record highs. Learn how many miles you should expect from your vehicle by reading about replacement mileage on government owned vehicles. Learn about the mandated tire pressure monitor system. How it works and what will change for future tire service? Hint: it will cost more money to change tires! This system is here to stay and eventually will effect all drivers. Learn more about the tire pressure monitor system.

Chevy goes after truck customers with toughness and fuel economy as selling points. See the engine in the all new 2015 Chevrolet Silverado.