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Detailed Aston Martin VanquishFast hot cars and new hot cars pictures, stories and video pages. There is some really great stuff on this page.

The links below will lead you to car stories that are so good they have been copied and plastered on blogs and other websites with out my permission.

Why would people steal content? Well webmasters can get lazy and also because the cars below are awesome. Some cars give new meaning to the term 200 mph club.

The other ones are knocking on the door or just so cool I had to write about it. I make this available to visitors in a convenient easy to read yet technical automobile article written in my own words that express personal opinions.

Ultra High Performance Information

You will find auto-facts like horsepower and torque specs as well as performance data on the cars you want to know about.

I will also include prices and fuel economy to cover the financial end of owning and buying these super cars.

We’ve even added an article that covers inexpensive cars that look expensive. Just in case your a super car buyer on a budget.

Automotive technology is my passion. I’ll make sure to point out the latest inventions and innovations on these fast car reviews. Below you will find links to the latest articles and information on specific models that are appealing to car fans of all ages.

If you want to share stuff you know about the automotive world or have a request to review a particular super car model please submit a question or comment. The car questions box is on my auto repair book page. Note: I recently added an RSS feed so that you can subscribe and automatically be updated on your home page about the newest posts to this car lovers web site. Favorite this fast hot cars page or share with a friend.

New Fast Hot Cars Articles

A new addition to this fast hot cars page. View the top rated car videos on your favorite subject. This next page has nothing but hot cars videos.

Lexus LC High Performance Sport Coupe
Lexus LC High Performance Sport Coupe

Another new section for this performance car page is the addition of fast hot cars with high fuel economy. View my article on the three top choices from American car makers for fast fuel efficient cars.

This may be the best automotive article I have written to date. There are a lot of opinions about what the fastest car on earth is. If we narrow it down to full scale production cars available to the public the list gets shorter. Here is my pick for the worlds fastest car | Bugatti veyron.

The new Camaro hit the streets about 5 years ago. Did GM use the time wisely to improve the line-up?. See some pictures and price tags of the different trim levels offered. Learn why the other retro-styled muscle cars will be blown away by the new Camaro SS.

Want an affordable Hot car in the 200 mph club? Chrysler is building Mopar muscle again for the 2013 model year. I can not believe the price versus performance ratio of the Dodge Viper SRT10. My wife drives a Toyota corolla thanks to the recent gas crunch. But her favorite car of all time is the Chevrolet Camaro. Read her hand written article on the new camaro convertible.

Foreign and Domestic Hot Cars

Used Mercedes Benz 560SL
Mercedes Benz 560SL

We would all love to own a true touring GT. But for that kind of money it better be fast. How about a premium luxury car that could blow a corvette of the road. Read the Hot cars review on the 208mph Mercedes SLR. My first Japanese sport car was a used Nissan 300zx.

The quality of this car won me over to be a Nissan fan. However, One of my favorite foreign super cars of all time the Nissan autos GT-R. All the automobiles on this page are really expensive! How about a high performance coupe that is fast, but not furiously priced.

See my review of the all new Nissan 370z. Do you like having so much power you are on the edge of death at all times. Or buying a vehicle that had to be tuned down so it would not crash every time you went wide open throttle with the gas.

Then meet the monster Saleen S7 super cars. One of the cheapest cars in the 200 mph club is a true bargain at about $350,000. You get the legendary Lamborghini name along with a 6.5 Liter V12 high performance engine. Learn more about the LP640 just one of Lamborghini’s super fast cars.

This Pontiac is not a member of the 200 mph club from the factory. However, with the v8 upgrade kit you might be able to get it close. See what else you didn’t know about the Pontiac Fiero. Lets say you decided to grab a Pontiac as an investment since the Pontiac motor division is gone, making these limited and more Valuable.

Well Here is my pick for a best buy in a classic trans am. How about mixing things up with another classic muscle car who’s parent company is out of business. I posted the history of and some awesome videos about the Olds 442.

Would you like to learn more about the car technician that built this automobile website and see pictures of his balding head? Nevertheless, the next link takes you to car questions answered.