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A Car lease can be the wrong thing for some people. And it’s better to find this out now instead of later.

As a former off lease inspector and someone who worked at car dealerships for 2 decades let me provide some valuable information for you. Getting into a vehicle lease is an option for people that like to drive newer vehicles. However. they can’t afford to buy a fancy car right now.

Well this luxury has a price tag attached to it. My financial advising hero, Suzy O, doesn’t like this option for many reasons. She also states that you should buy a car within your means with a maximum finance period of 3 years. But the bottom line is, leasing an automobile, is the most costly way to handle transportation needs.

It’s also something that I would not do personally, because of my experiences.

Learn more about the process from the lease information kit offered below. If you hold onto your vehicles for more then 5 years then leasing is not for you.

If you drive very little, have private garage parking and trade in every 3 years then this option should be considered along with others. People who like to lease, cling to the notion an automobile is an asset that depreciates therefore making it okay to enter a contract.

In many cases when you crunch numbers you come out ahead buying. If owning a vehicle is more your speed, visit my car buying page. You can learn about this complicated process by seeing a few of my car buying tips.

Brief Car Lease History Lesson

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The car lease was first created as a tool to put people behind the wheel of vehicles that may have been out of their reach to purchase.

The car lease requires less money down and credit ratings are not as much of an issue compared to purchasing the same automobile. I known people that leased cars with no troubles and do this year after year.

I also know some that have leased vehicles and got in big trouble. They took the cheapest lease and then ran over the mileage limits resulting in large penalties. I have posted the story below.

The legalities can be very confusing and convoluted. Car lease contracts give new meaning to the words read the fine print.

You cannot over prepare yourself when entering an agreement that will last 3-5 years. Get as much knowledge as you can on the subject before you walk out the door.

Despite being against leasing personally when you hook up with the right lease there can be rewards. For one thing you could be driving a vehicle you could never afford to buy.

I am proud to direct you to a partners website and someone who knows a lot about car leasing. When it comes to auto repair I’m your man. When it comes to complicated legal contracts the lease kit is your friend.

The lease vehicle Kit was created by consumer experts at Lease as a practical online tool for anyone who is thinking about leasing. If you are already leasing and want out, or simply need to understand leasing contracts this is the place to go.

The educated consumer has the advantage in this market. Some customers who used the kit saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars on lease packages. Visit the .

More Information about Automobile Leases

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A true story about my ex girlfriends father and what happened to him when he broke the new car leasing contracts. It’s natural not to think about the end of a leasing agreement on the day you enter one. But it’s good to know what will happen when it’s time to return it. Learn about the end of a new vehicle lease contract.

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