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Pioneer Car Stereo

I got car alarm and car stereo equipment for Christmas. Including sub woofers, a nice head unit, expensive car audio speakers and a powerful amplifier to drive the system.

My girl friend at the time, went to a local stereo shop and asked for the best equipment to fit her budget and assumed I would have no problems with a self install.

I decided to learn more about car stereo installation and that’s what this page is about. If you want to do it yourself this page has the resource I used and other popular training materials and guides like the Car stereo cook book and a PDF from Amazon at the bottom.

The first lesson learned was she got ripped off. The components didn’t match well together and where over priced for what we received.

We went back to the car stereo shop with the still sealed boxes and a different sales person set us up with matching components for about the same money.

I then applied the techniques I learned in the car electronics e-books and installed the system. I would say that it looks professional but it looks better then that and sounds amazing.

I have had so called professional installs before. In fact a few years back I had my Camaro hacked by one of these experts. It’s hard enough for me as a mechanic to let go and allow someone else to touch my beloved car.

Unfortunately, they added insult to injury as they did a rush job and butchered my dash. They thought the included bezel would cover the mess. The so called professionals did not solder a single wire connection.

I am a mechanic, but I know very little about high end car audio. The book I purchased did a good job of explaining how to pick out the right car audio components and car alarm systems on a budget and fit the unique acoustics of your specific vehicle.

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Car Stereo Information

The material I used was written buy a professional car audio and automotive electronics installer. The knowledge included is priceless (my opinion) even if you do not want to install your own components or systems.

The e-book teaches how to pick the right components before you go shopping and can be read right now before taking another step. This can help assure you get the best equipment for the least amount of money.

This is the section that opened my eyes and saved the day. Take a look at just some of the topics you could learn about in this information-packed book. *Basic electrical theory and application. *Sound reproduction basics. *Head unit wiring and features. *Amplifier wiring and installation.

*Sub woofer enclosure design. *Speaker wiring and testing. *Installation basics and tools. *Amplifier features and selection. *How to read and understand specifications. *How to deal with salespeople. *Tips for audio shopping. *What to look for in a speaker. *What items are marked up the most. *The best time to buy (not Christmas).

Pyle car alarm

Plus you get car alarm information to help protect installed components. Lets face it car audio and a good car alarm go hand-in-hand.

If you install a nice system in your vehicle, you will want to try and protect it from theft. Don’t fall for bogus sales pitches when shopping for car alarms.

You may walk out of the store with a security system that is to complex for a self install. And if this store offers installation that might be apart of their plan. This book will help you to understand the features and functions and give you an edge when shopping for an alarm.

Some of what is featured in this book includes: *Understanding alarm features and functions. *Explanations about car alarm remotes. *How sensors work.

*How to choose sensors for your application. *Integrating with power door locks. *Adding door lock motors. Understanding alarm wiring and where to find vehicle specific diagrams. *Integrating relays with existing power accessories. *Photos and more.

Plus a special section on car alarm wiring skills and installation. The guide comes with a money back guarantee and available to download.

If you are do it yourself inclined check out the website from the next link. Browse through the list of things you need to get the job done. There is a lot of good free information about . If you’ve already started an alarm or stereo install and your having a problem you can get help fast from a mechanic on Just Answer.

I have built a page that provides guidance and procedures for those who need schematics to identify wire colors and location diagrams.

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Amazon has a nice resource intended to support those who purchase self install components. This is the PDF car electronics information area.