From the Ground Up: How to Choose a Floor Mat for Your Car

August 17, 2019 Auto Facts 0

You’ve had your car for years upon years. It’s stood loyal through thick and thin. Too bad the floor mats haven’t.  Your old ones have kicked the bucket so you’re having to buy replacements. You’ve got a lot to consider when you’re standing in that auto store. Like, what material […]

Radiator Problems

Dealing with Radiator Repairs on Cars and Trucks

July 11, 2019 Mark Gittelman 0

Dealing with radiator repairs on modern automobiles is a little different. They manufactured radiators, back in the old days, out of metals like brass, steel and aluminum. In addition, these heat transfer devices had top and bottom reserve tanks. Now, they make radiators exclusively out of plastic and aluminum. These […]

auto parts warehouse

7 Tips on How to Ship a Transmission System for Your Car

May 23, 2019 Auto Facts 0

According to World Top Exports, the total value of imported car parts was $418.2 million. It is possible you do not know how to ship a transmission system for your car. Shipping car parts can be tricky without the right info. It requires high accuracy and knowledge; otherwise, you can […]

check engine light

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Comes On

April 5, 2019 Auto Facts 0

You’re driving along and all of a sudden, a red or orange light catches your eye. It’s the check engine light, and your stomach drops. It could be anything from an impending engine fire (unlikely) to a loose gas cap. There are hundreds of reasons your check engine light comes […]