7 Tips on How to Ship a Transmission System for Your Car

May 23, 2019 Auto Facts 0

According to World Top Exports, the total value of imported car parts was $418.2 million. It is possible you do not know how to ship a transmission system for your car. Shipping car parts can be tricky without the right info. It requires high accuracy and knowledge; otherwise, you can […]

check engine light

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Comes On

April 5, 2019 Auto Facts 0

You’re driving along and all of a sudden, a red or orange light catches your eye. It’s the check engine light, and your stomach drops. It could be anything from an impending engine fire (unlikely) to a loose gas cap. There are hundreds of reasons your check engine light comes […]

auto scanner

How to Use an Auto Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool

March 30, 2019 Auto Facts 0

Uh-oh. There it is… the dreaded “check engine” light. Most car owners stare at this light in horror when it appears. And for good reason. The “check engine” light can mean any number of problems for your vehicle. But figuring out what those problems are doesn’t have to be a nightmare. A […]

car headlights

The Different Types of Headlights: Which One Is the Best?

March 25, 2019 Auto Facts 0

Poor headlights are a factor in roughly 50% of nighttime accidents. This notwithstanding, headlights are among the least thought of safety features in a car. The type of headlights you choose will impact on the aesthetics of your car and your ability to drive in the dark among other things. Fortunately, […]

Basics of Auto Repair

Basic Automobile Mechanics: Learn the Basics of Auto Repair

March 21, 2019 Auto Facts 0

In January 2019, new car prices averaged $37,149 in the United States. That represents an almost $1,500 increase from January the year before! What’s more, you can expect to shell out no less than $41,000 for a brand-new pickup truck. Even used cars are becoming pricier, with their prices reaching […]