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This page is about the car buying process and the valuable lessons I learned. You might learn something from my true horror story and what forced me to seek an education on this subject.

At the bottom of this page are five more articles with free insider tips for buyers. I hope you’ll find these tips unique and valuable. But first the story. A good friend was looking for an economy car to drive primarily for his work commute.

He asked for my help, because this was his first new car purchase. I’ve worked at car dealerships for most of my career, but back in the service area. However, I thought I could be helpful in the car buying process.

Boy was I wrong. Buying a car without the knowledge of the process is like jumping off a bridge without knowing how deep the water is below. The luxury car dealership had me running for the door. After finding the car it was time to sit down and talk about this new cars price.

I thought we could save money off of the sticker price using the information we found on the Internet. Once again I was wrong.

The dealership was playing hardball and my side was striking out. Not only was the dealer refusing to budge on the price but they where tacking on all kinds of stuff I never heard of before.

Example: Local advertising fee $275.00, Battery disposal charge $50.00, Tire disposal charge $40.00, Dealer prep fee’s $275.00, Destination charge $450.00, Fuel sir charge $35.00, Floor mats $250.00 and there was more.

The final price was well over the sticker price when all was said and done. The salesman actually said take it or leave it. My buddy was stuck in the buy new car mode and wanted to pay the outrageous price. But he held up so I could find out more on the subject.

Car Buying Help is Available

I am very glad we waited. I found this invaluable tool written by “Public Enemy #1 of the car dealers” (The Washington Post). This book has been updated several times and remains the definitive guide on buying or leasing a new or used vehicle in my opinion.

This book is inexpensive and covers modern rip-offs and scams from the inside out. With new technology that the Internet offers brings an opportunity for dealers to make extra money.

For you this can mean new ways to lose money in the car buying process you never thought about before. Learn about the new schemes and scams in the world of automobile sales.

I have learned a lot from this book and others like it. It has about 70 reviews to date and still managing 4 1/2 stars on Amazon. To me it was such an interesting read that I bought several others along the same line of subject material.

I am going to share some of this information in the articles below. They are in my own words and have added details from my experience working at new car dealers in the service department.

Now back to my car buying story. My friend was still ready to buy an automobile so we headed out with the new information to another dealership.

We got the same car in a better color without spending the extra dough. Not more than 3 weeks later I used the information again for myself. I bought a new Chevy truck for 6,000.00 under the sticker price.

On the truck deal I talked the sales manager into giving me every rebate and incentive that was offered. Plus I got an employee discount since I promised to send them more customers. This book was amazing and I learned how to buy cars for their actual value and cut out the pork in the price.

It exposes hundreds of tricks some dealers use to separate naive customers from their money. This experienced author alerts people to dealer scams that offer tampering with credit ratings and other hidden profit centers after the sale that take place in the finance and insurance office. Learn the key steps in negotiating techniques that can make any car shopper a savvy purchaser.

Learn more about Buying Cars

Although 15 bucks is hard to part with, it would seem a wise investment. With that said, I still understand If you don’t want to buy a book here today, because I’m a tough sale too. Therefore, I have put some important and helpful tips in my own words that you can review.

Just remember this is just the tip of the iceberg for people who want to see more car buying tips revealed. This is another great resource page for anyone about to buy a new car. Let me share 7 shortcuts to secure your new vehicle without suffering from buyers remorse. Seven often overlooked basics for buying a new car. Buying a hybrid car really takes a different approach and knowledge base then purchasing a conventional automobile. If you are in the market for this kind of car please review my 4 special tips on new hybrid automobiles. When buying new or used the subject of warranties will surface and you will have to make a decision. This next page explains the factory coverage and things to look out for when it comes to an extended auto warranty. Hear is the latest car buying story I have to offer. This is what happened when I tried to buy a used Cadillac CTS from a new car dealer. It reminded me of what an ordeal it can be when buying cars from dealers.

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