Fun Car Games for Racing Fans

Here you’ll find reviews of fun car games recommended by the auto facts website and it’s visitors. Yes I am a big video game fan and my favorite games are online customizing car racing games.

I like to interact and race with other like minded people all around the world. If I’m going to race a computer generated competitor it better be a well thought out one using some kind of algorithm based in reality.

With that said, I have some major updates to report. This first page is about PC racers and at the bottom other gaming platforms are discussed In-depth. There’s a strong focus on older consoles, because the titles are inexpensive and loads of fun.

This first title is one of the coolest thing to happen to my PC in a while. Racing has finally entered the social web craze. Rfactor V Was developed for fans of fun car racing games and mixed with a strong online community.

Even though the game was built and released in 07 they’ve released improvements and this is the latest build. I think we are up to version 5-1.255. In the amazon best seller rankings the game had moved into the top 5 for PC car racing games.

Why do I like it so much? This game takes the online auto racing career to the next level. A brief description for you to follow. Game play includes a full career mode with upgrades that affect the vehicle’s appearance, performance, and sound.

Every camera angle you could ask for including full screen view and the ability to rewind multiple player races completely. The multi player engine with built in statistics automatically reports to the RaceCast system. It has a friends list and you can watch live races online.

Search through and view past races, Download XML race results. Driver profiles with statistics, rRank formula utilizing a wide range of driver statistics. See who’s online and on what server!

New cars and tracks are released often. Race F1 cars, NASCAR at Monaco, Off road trucks & buggies, sprint cars, late models, modified, rally cross, champs cars, touring cars, sports cars and many more.

View the demo videos and reviews posted on amazons website by clicking the product link upper left. I’ll see you on the track! Now you know where to find me, let me tell you about some other positive auto racing experiences on all the consoles I own.

GTR Evolution Racing

I myself own four different gaming consoles. On this page I will link you to my favorite fun car games available for them at this time.

I’m including the five star rated I-racing platform, but I have only watched not played. I think I would need to be willing and able to devote more time to compete with the die hard race fans involved in that network. If you already have a gaming console scroll down to the bottom and you will see links to car games for your specific system.

Thinking of upgrading? The new ps4 from Sony has a IBM Cell processor integrated with the latest Nvidia graphics chip. Sony upgraded the popular hand held device with a brighter display and added a lot of features in the PSP Vita.

Plus Microsoft fired back with their latest version of the xbox one arcade bundle that resolved the early issues and comes with the most popular upgrades. Also super saving shipping is available! You can click on each console and read the reviews from real users of these different systems.

Car Games on the PC

Since you are reading this page, I will assume you have a computer. There are many fantastic PC car games on the market today. Below, you’ll find links to some of the most popular and many are bargain priced.

These customize your car and race type games can have some age on them, yet still be worth playing. Many have a strong mod community that will add depth and excitement to these older titles.

R factor V is a good example of this. They have a dirt track mod that’s very slick. The games run on most Windows systems, including version 10, W7 and 8, vista, XP, Windows millennium and even windows 98 and 95 in some cases. Hows that for backwards compatible?

What I like about PC titles is that your computer, in most cases is more powerful than even the latest video game systems. The graphics and details of these games can be truly amazing.

Another advantage of these car games is the prices are much cheaper then their console counterparts. Take a look at the reviews and the screen shots of these individual games listed below.

You’ll be amazed by the quality and performance of today’s latest fun car games available on CD for the PC. Demo videos are available from the links below for most of the games so you can see what they look like. Of course, YouTube also has many channels dedicated to individual games.

Car Racing Games for Other Platforms

The most recent racing games to hit the market are for the PS3. See my picks for the best playstation3 online car racing games. Talk about fun on the run! How about the four best racing games for the PSP system. Take a look at these fun car games for the PSP. Okay I bought the new Psp go system, but I can not believe how long it took me to actually play the first full game. See what you have to go through to play the Psp go. I got my pspgo a few days after launch as mentioned above. See what I am struggling with after the 6 week mark in my media go review. A older play station portable is now bargain priced. The older version is called the slim and light. But it has the speed upgrades you will appreciate the most. Learn about the older sony portable playstation. The best gaming console I own is the 360. Fun car games reviewed by me and others that cover the best xbox 360 racing car games. Car racing games for the original xbox are now a bargain hunters dream. Less money and more racing on my xbox car racing games page.

Playstation 2 car racing games set the standard for all other gaming consoles (gran turismo 5). See why ps2 car racing games still rule. The epic battle continues. A quick article about Gaming World War 2 and my pick for the answer to the eternal question which game console is better the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Try the drag strip racer for android, IOS and PC. The next link takes you to some fun with online drag racing.

You can learn more about this automotive information web site and why I need the diversion of a good car game Start page for