How to Find a Reliable Car Collision Repair Shop

car collision repair

A car accident is bad enough, but not having a car collision repair shop you can trust makes things a lot worse in a short amount of time. Having a trusty shop on hand for such occasions would be ideal. But so would a million dollars cash.

And life doesn’t really work that way. More than likely you’ll have to choose a ‘rent car for a month’ option.

If a car collision were to occur, you should know how to identify what a reliable or a poor shop looks like.

We’ve gathered a helpful list below that can make a headache after a collision a little less severe. Read on to learn what clues you should look for in a car collision repair shop in the chaotic world of auto repair.

Finding Your Reliable Car Collision Repair Shop

It’s not as simple as looking up the nearest shop in the Google Map app. Here are some ways to get your car the care it needs:

1. Ask A Friend

It may surprise you how much business repair shops get from word of mouth alone. When people find a shop they like, they tend to stick with it over the years because, let’s face it, car repair is not a happy topic.

Another great factor here is that you have someone who has actually gone to the repair shop on their own and can give first-hand feedback. This is invaluable. Forums and social pages aren’t always reliable when it comes to honest reviews.

People tend to trust family and friend recommendations more than online reviews anyway. And there are plenty of people who’ll swear this works out especially well for those looking for car repair shops.

2. Get a Quote Before the Work Starts

Drivers should explain the damage done to their vehicle and let repair shops estimate what repairs need to be made right off the bat.

One of the signs that you should avoid a shop is if a representative refuses or is reluctant to offer a quote. The quote will allow you to gauge about how much you can expect to pay once the job’s completed.

If a quote isn’t readily offered, say if a shop wants to give you the price after they work, it’s very likely that the mechanics have intentions to upsell or charge phenomenally for services—but only after they have been completed.

This is a sure way to avoid unnecessary repairs.

3. Don’t Feel Pressured Into Insurance Suggestions

After a collision occurs and a driver has contacted their insurance company, the company may suggest a local repair shop or one they have had business with in the past.

It isn’t necessary to only use the shop they recommend. Not a lot of people know this! To truly get the cheapest or the best results, drivers will need to take the hunt for a repair shop into their own hands.

Be Prepared Ahead of Time

The best advice out there is for drivers to make sure that they have a car collision repair shop ready in case disaster strikes. No one wants to deal with the hunt when they’re already stressing over damages to their car.

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