10 Tastiest Food Truck Graphics

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There are so many awesomely-designed food trucks popping up all over that it’s hard to avoid them.

But if you’re unlucky enough to have missed the revolution, we’re here to share ten of the tastiest food truck graphics.

Ranging from urban to traditional, minimalist to pop art, all of these designs succeed in creating a truly unique dining experience – even if you’re only sitting on a bench eating from polystyrene.

Be warned – you might be disappointed next time you eat a regular restaurant. It just won’t be able to compete with these awesome trucks.

If you’re looking for the coolest places to eat, look no further than the following:

1. Chairman Bao

The Chairman Bao food truck is a great example of a design which covers the whole vehicle and uses a simple color scheme for a striking effect.

The entire truck is covered in red and white stripes, creating an effect that ties in with their pun-based name. The design draws your attention instantly, and a bold image of a hand gripping a steamed bun shows you exactly what they’re serving.

Stylized clouds decorate the edges of the truck and soften the overall design. The words ‘The Chairman’ are repeated several times around the truck, helping reinforce the brand name and image.

This truck is a great example of taking a play on words and using it to create an entire design. It’s memorable, unique, and sure to be a talking point.

2. Tricycle Ice Cream

Okay, so this is more of a cart than a truck, but it’s still a great example of vehicle design.

The words Tricycle Ice Cream are painted across the side of the cart in old-fashioned lettering that instantly conveys a strong brand image. The exposed wood of the cart enhances the old-timey effect and has a charming look you just wouldn’t get from a modern metal cart.

A matching blackboard displaying the ice cream cart menu is a fun touch that ties everything together nicely.

3. Doughnut Vault

The Doughnut Vault truck is deliberately distressed, with a retro font displaying their menu on the side of the vehicle. The design perfectly reflects their tagline, ‘Old-fashioned doughnuts’, and really stands out in a modern street.

There’s even a cute ‘SOLD OUT’ sign which matches the rest of the truck graphics and can be displayed in the window as needed.

Retro food truck designs are the best food truck designs.

4. Sugar Philly

The Sugar Philly truck has to be one of the cutest vehicles we’ve ever seen.

While lots of truck graphics are bright, bold, and attention-seeking, Sugar Philly have gone for a more zen approach.

Sweet treats rain down on a beautiful blue, white and pink landscape, with the city skyline visible in the distance. The ‘U’ in sugar is created by an eye-catching red umbrella.

This van is a great example of how the right truck graphics can create a really magical effect.

5. The Cinnamon Snail

The Cinnamon Snail truck specializes in vegan, organic treats, and they’ve chosen truck graphics that make that clear, with the word ‘vegan’ in large letters.

A muted color scheme combined with a unique font and cool patterns makes their name stand out clearly. The tagline is “Food to inspire peace and bliss” and natural design elements like butterflies tie in well.

There’s even an image of a truck at the bottom of the design.

The truck graphics cover the entire vehicle, including the doors, front and back, which makes it look extra awesome.

6. Street Sweets

If you love word clouds, Street Sweets in the food truck for you.

Instead of going for an image-based design or mural, they’ve covered their truck in words like, ‘happy’, ‘freshly’, ‘chocolatey’ and ‘yum’.

Is anyone else’s mouth watering?

This unique truck graphic is extremely eye-catching, and the combination of blue and white works really well. The Street Sweets logo is stamped onto the truck in bright orange, so there’s no chance of missing it, even amongst all the other text.

7. Galaxy Donuts

When it comes to out of this world vehicle graphics, Galaxy Donuts take the cake… or the donut.

The entire Galaxy Donuts truck is decorated to look like outer space, with stars, planets, nebula, and beautiful blues and purples.

Their logo rounds the whole concept up perfectly, depicting a large cartoon donut being circled by a rocket. Who doesn’t want to imagine a world where the sky is filled with sweet treats?

We’ve only got one question: do you need windscreen wipers in space?

8. Souped Up

The Souped Up truck uses a pop art style to create a traveling soup truck that’s seriously iconic.

Each side of the truck shows a different character holding a related prop – bowl of soup, ladle, etc. Thought bubbles show the words, “Get Souped Up” and “We’re Souped Up”. This is a smart way of making the brand name memorable and fun.

Bold colors and bright backgrounds make the main images and the entire truck stand out from the crowd.

9. Dank Burrito

Dank Burrito has gone for an urban-inspired design with their graffiti-covered truck.

The words ‘Dank Burrito’ stand out in bright green, and the rest of the graffiti looks eye-catching and authentic. This is a definitely a truck you wouldn’t miss.

Taking inspiration from urban art is a great way to create unique truck graphics, and plenty of local artists would probably be thrilled to have a chance to contribute to the design.

We like to think that this truck also includes some top-quality speakers.

10. Holyoke Hummus

The Holyoke Hummus company have a created a really attention-grabbing vehicle with their all black truck.

Bright yellow patterns and lettering in a bold, vintage typeface give this truck real personality. The area around the serving hatch is decorated to look like stage curtains, with the word, “YUM” in bright yellow.

Dark background + bold colors and lettering = seriously cool food truck.

How to Find Food Trucks with Awesome Truck Graphics

Want to check out some trucks like this in the flesh?

We recommend following the social media pages for your favorite trucks to see where they’re heading. Keep an eye out for trucks in your local area, read local food magazines and blogs to stay up-to-date on newcomers.

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