5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Vehicle Batteries

Vehicle Battery

Vehicle batteries are one of the most important parts of the machine itself. Without vehicle batteries, the vehicle wouldn’t start and is essentially worthless. 

If you’re in need of a new battery, you might have some questions. What options should you consider? Who makes the best batteries? What should you consider before purchasing?

Here we’ll discuss five factors to consider when choosing your next vehicle battery.

1. Vehicle Batteries and Size

Based on the type of vehicle you have, you need different battery sizes. 

Your vehicle’s manual should help you determine what battery size you need. This is important information if you want a battery that functions. 

In some cases, batteries will deteriorate at a higher rate if they’re not meant for your specific vehicle. There’s also a good chance it won’t fit in the battery tray under your hood. 

For example, batteries for golf carts are going to be a bit different than your standard vehicle. 

2. Freshness and Duration

A battery is a lot like leftovers, it’s better fresh. 

To indicate the freshness of a battery, pay attention to the code with a number and letter of manufacturing. The letter will indicate the month and the number will indicate the year. 

Batteries less than six months old are the best as far as freshness. 

3. Warranty

If your battery isn’t functioning correctly you better have a solid warranty. Most vehicle batteries come with a warranty built into the purchase. 

This means a guarantee of replacement within a specific period of time. Make sure you know the difference between a prorated warranty and a full replacement warranty. 

4. Battery Maintenance

There are two different types of batteries when it comes to the maintenance of batteries and the unit itself — low and maintenance-free. 

In a maintenance-free battery, the unit is sealed and the liquid electrolyte runs throughout the battery. These types of units don’t need general maintenance. 

With low maintenance batteries, caps on the battery are there so you can add distilled water to the unit as needed.

5. Brand Name Matters

When it comes to the brand name of a battery, pay attention. 

Name brand batteries are some of the best indicators of a well functioning battery. This will directly correlate to the cost of the batteries and the specifications/requirements of your vehicle. 

If you have an expensive vehicle, you’ll likely have an expensive battery.

Either way, you should avoid buying cheap. Cheaper brands in any vehicle could result in more harm than good in the long run. These batteries are full of defects that result in poor performance. 

Make the Right Decision

Vehicle batteries take some research to get right. You can’t show up to your local auto part store and grab any old battery off the shelf. 

The information above can help you make the right decision, but what about in other facets of the automotive industry?

Don’t worry.

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