7 Unusual Road Signs and Meanings From Across the World

Ever seen a falling cows sign? If you’ve never traveled along a rural hillside, then you likely haven’t. Despite that, it’s a very genuine sign that indicates the possibility of cows falling off a hill.

Think that’s the most unique (and legal) road sign out there? If so, then you’ve got a lot to learn!

Buckle up and prepare to get amazed by these fascinating road signs and meanings.

1. Airplane Crossing

As a motorist, it’s a good idea to watch out for wildlife or pedestrians on the road. If you come across an airplane crossing sign, you might find yourself confused.

Some roadways are close to airports. These road signs mean low flying aircraft could be nearby. If you see an airplane close by, it’s best to wait until they pass!

2. Families Crossing

Again, drivers should be aware of pedestrians who come close to the road. Have you ever seen a sign showing a family appearing to run by, though?

These signs are common along the southern states near the border. They’re meant to inform drivers about potential immigrants on foot crossing roadways.

3. Beware of Thin Ice

If you saw a yellow sign with a hand appearing to emerge from underground, you might think it means zombies. That’s not what the actual sign indicates, though.

The hand is actually supposed to be emerging from ice. The sign designates a beware of thin ice warning.

4. Check for Penguins

Believe it or not, there are some areas in the world where penguins are a hazard. That’s why in Table Mountain National Park, there are penguin warning signs.

They remind you to always check under your vehicle for penguins before taking off.

5. Watch for Invisible Cows?

Cows appear to pose a roadway threat across the globe. Have you ever gotten warned about invisible cows, though?

These road signs remind motorists that dark-colored cows are hard to see at night. They might even appear invisible, so it’s important to go slow on these roads at night.

6. Caution: Falling People?

People falling from the sky likely isn’t something you look for often. Despite that, there are roadways where bungee jumpers pose a hazard.

If you see a caution sign with people appearing to fall from the sky, it means there are jumping areas close by. Be sure to watch the skies before proceeding across the road!

7. Loose Road Surface

Ever seen a sign that shows rocks being slunk by a car tire? These signs mean there are loose road surfaces, so watch out!

Road Signs and Meanings From Around the Globe

Have you heard of any of the interesting signs above? Knowing the different road signs and meanings from around the world can help you on your travels. Always remember to look up common traffic laws if you’re planning on driving in a new place.

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