Buckle Up! 5 Shocking Car Accident Statistics You Will Not Believe

car accident

In the United States, over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year. This number sadly pales in comparison to the 2.35 million people who are injured or disabled.

Car accidents are not only predictable, but they are also preventable. Road safety is a shared responsibility between drivers and policymakers alike.

Car accidents have a larger economic and societal impact than most people realize. The shocking statistics below show how widespread the impact of unsafe drivers truly is.

1. Alcohol-Related Crashes Cost More Than $44 Billion Annually

According to the CDC, over 29 people are fatally wounded every day from a car accident due to alcohol. According to MADD, there are about 800 injuries every day from alcohol-related accidents.

That means over 10,000 people are killed, and over 290,000 are injured, every year from something that is preventable.

Alcohol-related crashes have a large economic impact on our country. Only 3% of costs are actually medical expenses. 71% of the cost incurred is due to the loss of quality of life.

2. Car Crashes Cost the Average Person $820 Annually

Each year, car accidents cost the United States $230.6 billion. That breaks down to each person paying $820 every year. From having to purchase a new vehicle, to small repairs, the cost adds up.

You may be able to save a little hard earned money by choosing the right car collision repair shop.

3. Over 1600 Children Under the Age of 15 Die Each Year

There are nearly 400,000 people under the age of 25 that perish in car accidents every year. This breaks down to an average of over 1,000 lives lost every day.

Car accidents are the second leading cause of death among children ages 5-14 worldwide. They are the leading cause of death for those ages 15-29.

4. Car Accident Injuries are Predicted to Become the Fifth Leading Cause of Death by the Year 2030

Currently, traffic accidents rank as the 9th leading cause of death. That means they account for 2.2% of global deaths. According to The Law Offices of George Salinas, PLLC, accidents can happen anywhere at any time, to anyone. Traffic volumes do impact accident rate though.

As the population of our world continues to grow, metro areas will become more crowded, leading to higher traffic volumes. Higher traffic volumes mean more of a chance for a car accident.

5. Car Accidents are the Leading Cause of Death of Healthy U.S. Citizens Traveling Outside the Country

Other countries have very different laws than the United States when it comes to road safety. In fact, over 90% of all fatalities from car accidents occur in low to middle-income countries.

Don’t let this cause you to be afraid to travel. Just be more aware of your surroundings when outside the country, and drive safe!

Shocking Statistics of Car Accidents – What now?

These shocking statistics may have you overwhelmed. If you are ever in a car accident having an attorney to help you walk through the aftermath of an accident can lessen your stress. When you are dealing with an accident, having someone on your side who understands the intricacies involved, is priceless.

Working with your car insurance company is also priceless. Your car insurance is there to make sure you are getting the treatment that you need, and get your car fixed. Looking to do the repairs yourself? Check out our blog for more information!