7 Tips on How to Ship a Transmission System for Your Car

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According to World Top Exports, the total value of imported car parts was $418.2 million. It is possible you do not know how to ship a transmission system for your car.

Shipping car parts can be tricky without the right info. It requires high accuracy and knowledge; otherwise, you can flop.

Did your mechanic advise you to purchase a new transmission for your car? If yes, it requires knowledge of shipping car parts, especially transmission, to get the best product. Many car parts, especially for non-locally manufactured vehicles, have to be shipped thousands of miles overseas.

Also, shipping your car’s transmission from the manufacturer can also guarantee quality and maximum service. New transmissions tend to stay longer without any significant problems. This article is your ultimate guide to shipping a car transmission.

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1. Find a Reliable Vendor

When purchasing automotive parts overseas, it is advisable to find the best supplier who will offer quality products. The car transmission is a delicate product, and without getting the best vendor, you can end up buying the wrong product.

Some options in the market are reliable, while others are not. The biggest problem is how to find who is genuine and who is not.

There is a lot of information and reviews on the web that can assist you. Ask for friends’ recommendations, online queries, and even consult car specialist.

Getting the right information not only leads you to the right seller but also gets you quality products. Don’t rush for enticing deals on the internet as they might be misleading.

2. Product Guarantee

The seller must give you a quality guarantee of the product you are about to purchase. A car transmission should have at least a one-year guarantee. This means that if it fails during normal usage, the seller should be in a position to compensate you.

Product guarantee is vital whenever purchasing any product. If a seller offers you product guarantee, it is an indication that the product will last.

Product guarantee can be in many ways. It can be a timeline duration or performance assurance. Also, if the product fails to work, the seller should have a return policy.

Ignoring such conditions when shipping products is not advised because you might end up losing your money to non-warranted products.

3. Preparing the Shipment

Importing products overseas should be done with utmost precision. Firstly, you need to have the product fully prepared for shipment. Transmissions can have oils or rusts that have to be cleared before packaging.

The merchant should prepare the product in such a way that it fits shipping requirements. Making the product fit for shipment should be a priority for everyone. Below are some of the other details to include when preparing the transmission for shipment;

  • Product dimensions
  • Product weight
  • Personal information
  • Pick-up zip code
  • Delivery zip code
  • Freight class
  • Other shipping components

These details ease the shipment procedure and make work easier. If you fail to prepare the shipment, you might end up in a flawed event.

4. Determining the Type of Shipment

You can ship your car transmission overseas using various ways. You either ship it as a parcel or as freight.

First of all, various rules and laws govern the shipment of goods as parcels or in freight. If the gearbox exceeds 150 pounds, it doesn’t qualify for parcel shipments. The car transmission must be more substantial than that.

Freight shipment is the only way you can ship a car transmission. In this case, you have to prepare for a freight shipping with LTL either personally or with certified shippers. Freight shipments can be more complicated, and you need to acquire the accurate info about it.

5. Choosing the Right Shipment Agency

You probably don’t have to fly to Japan looking for your Subaru’s transmission. Finding a reliable and efficient shipment agency makes the whole process easy and comfortable. You will get your product at the doorstep after arranging the shipment.

There are lots of shippers who handle all types of products from the vendor overseas to your doorstep. Shipping agencies can go as far as inspecting the product before shipment. Finding the perfect shipper is easier than doing it yourself.

Although shipping agents attract some fee, they offer high convenience to clients. You don’t have to worry all day thinking about your product in the sea. Shipping agents also help in handling all expenses and paperwork at the point of entry.

6. Filling the Paperwork

You will have to part with some dollars to the taxman when shipping your transmission. There is a lot of paperwork involved before the product reaches its destination. If you are importing on your own, get the facts right, and you won’t encounter any challenges in the future.

Taxes on imported products should also be included when filing taxes, and you need to get the paperwork right. In this scenario, a shipping agent might be beneficial because of experience. If you are dealing with an entrusted agency, arrange with them to prepare your paperwork.

7. Is It Necessary to Ship the Transmission?

Now that you are planning to ship your car’s transmission, is it necessary to do it? It is essential to determine whether it is crucial because you can get the products locally.

For locally assembled cars, you don’t need to ship the transmission. If you can’t find the product from local merchants, importing overseas if the only option. Some cars are so unique in such a way that you can’t acquire spare parts anywhere else apart from the manufacturers.

Also, importing some transmissions can be cheaper than buying locally. Some manufacturers sell car parts at meager prices. If you evaluate the overall shipping cost and find it more affordable, you can consider shipping.

The urgency of the product should also determine whether to purchase locally or ship. If stalling the car can cause inconveniences, why wait for weeks or even months? Evaluate the current situation before making a move.

How to Ship a Transmission – The Bottom Line

If you didn’t know how to ship a transmission, this guide should be helpful to you. It is advisable to consider the above tips to have a smooth shipping process. Treat your car with a noteworthy transmission, and it will always serve you.

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