Pimp Your Ride: 10 Cool Car Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

car accessories

Are you ready to pimp your ride?

No, we’re not talking about back seat hot tubs and chandeliers! We’re talking about the best car gadgets that will improve your driving experience.

From catching those speed cameras to funky shift knobs, we’ve made a list of the 10 cool car accessories you need for your next road trip.

Are you ready? You’re in for a wild ride!

1. Solid Proof

One of the top car accessories has to be a dash cam.

There’s nothing more tedious than trying to prove your innocence to your insurance company. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, you may end up paying out wads of cash. If you get a dash cam, you have solid proof!

Most dash cams record video in 4K quality and is easy to transfer to your device. The cam also tracks your GPS and speed to give more evidence if you’re innocent when an accident occurs. The handy device uses a magnetic pad to stick to your dashboard.

But what is the best dash cam? Check out this review by Techmaki to find out the top choices.

2. Lost and Found

Apple has had the feature “find my iPhone” on their devices for years. But more often than losing your phone, you end up losing your keys. In fact, according to a survey, car keys are one of the most common items we lose.

But you can now buy a cool car tech that helps you to find your keys. All you need to do is attach a handy gadget to your keys, like a key chain. You can call the gadget from your phone, or check the app to see the location.

3. Funky Shift Knob

One of the best car gadgets to pimp your ride is to get a new shift knob. Who wants to change gears with a boring old handle when you can get something hilarious?

You can find any design you can imagine. From a Micky Mouse fist to a samurai sword handle, the options are endless.

4. Don’t Lose Power

While it’s true USB chargers have been around for a few years now, they are still one of the best car gadgets around.

According to stats, we spend more than 30 hours a month on our phones. With so much usage, you may need to give it a charge up when you’re out and about.

You can buy simple compact chargers that fit neatly into your car’s cigarette lighter. Most have more than one USB port which is handy when you need to charge more than one device at a time.

5. Under Pressure

One irritating thing you must always keep on top of is tire pressure. Properly inflated tires wear more evenly than deflated tires. Keeping them inflated will increase their lifespan.

Instead of using a traditional handheld pressure gauge, there’s a piece of cool car tech that you can use. You can now buy a system that checks your tire pressure through Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth gauges attached to your tires will send information to your smartphone. The device can alert you when your tire pressure is getting low. And it’s super easy to install.

6. Sleep Under the Stars

If you’re heading on an adventurous road-trip, skip the tent and get a hammock instead. No, you don’t need to find two trees to tie it up. You can buy a hammock that pops up on top of your vehicle.

A roof-top hammock is a perfect way to sleep under the stars or to take a snooze on a warm day. The ingenious design connects to the existing roof bars on any standard SUV.

7. Spick and Span

If you’re into top car gadgets, you most likely love your car like it’s your child. This means you prize it by keeping it clean. But it’s not always easy.

Dog hair, crumbs, hairpins, food wrappers, mud, and the odd coin here and there can make your prized possession look like a trashcan. But having to drag your vacuum cleaner onto the driveway is such a chore. Why not get a portable car vacuum cleaner instead?

Car vacuum cleaners have evolved over the past few years. Many have special nozzles and tools that make digging into the hard-to-reach corners and crevices much easier. You can even plug some vacuums into the cigarette lighter.

8. Get Organized

Of course, something that can keep your car cleaner and more organized from the beginning is a backseat organizer. This is great if you have kids, or if you’re going on a long road trip.

You can get organizers that have pockets and holders for all kinds of devices. This means your kid can sit quietly through the journey while watching a movie on their tablet.

A backseat organizer can also protect the back of the seat from getting scratched and kicked.

9. Drinks On Me

The top car gadget for a coffee lover has to be a car coffee maker. When you’re on the go, a car coffee maker can deliver a perfect cuppa in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is plug into the cigarette lighter. The designs of many of these devices are so compact that you can fit them into the cup holder.

10. Off the Radar

If you’ve got a lead foot and find yourself over the speed limit now and again, you need this top car accessory. A radar detector identifies if your speed is being monitored by the police. This will help you to reduce the speed before getting a ticket.

Most radar detectors fit into any vehicle. They can also integrate with other in-car techs. For instance, you can connect them to your smartphone or built-in GPS.

Cool Car Accessories and More

Which of these cool car accessories will you buy to pimp your ride?

Will it be the humble vacuum cleaner? Or will the dash cam win your heart? Whatever you choose, the next time you hop in for a ride, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

But maintaining a car is more than a few fancy accessories. If you need information about car maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. Click here for some expert advice.