5 Reasons Why Wrapping a Car Is Better Than Painting It

wrapping a car

Are you interested in changing the appearance of your car? Maybe you are tired of the color you chose and want something new and fresh. Maybe you have started a business and need your logo and branding efforts represented on your car or van. 

Whatever the reason, you are probably thinking about having a paint job done. But hold up a second. There is another, better option. 

Keep reading to learn all about why wrapping a car is the best way to get it decorated to your liking. 

1. Wrapping a Car is Cheaper then Painting

Whatever your reasons for looking at car wrapping, one core element will always be the price. When compared to the average car paint cost, car wrapping will come out cheaper. 

This doesn’t mean lower quality, it simply means a lower price paid for the same result. 

How much cheaper? 

Approximately 50%. A new paint job could run up to $10,000 while the same effort with car wraps would come in at around $5,000.

2. Resale Value Is Not Affected 

If you decide, on a whim, to change the color of your car, you are immediately impacting the resale value. Buyers might not want the shading you have chosen or the graphic design work on the rear doors.

When you wrap your car, however, you are not doing any damage because you can simply remove the wrap when the time comes to sell. 

3. Simple Maintenance

While keeping a nice paint job clean can be a lot of work, maintaining a wrapped car is far simpler.

No more arduous hours of waxing and polishing to keep your paint job looking at its best. A bucket of water and a sponge will do the trick just as well on a wrapped car. 

There are even coating packs that you can have applied by the dealer to keep your car even less maintenance heavy but always looking good. 

4. Quick to Complete

Nobody wants to be without their car for an extended period of time. That is another benefit of having your car wrapped. 

How long does it take to wrap a car? 

About 50% of the time it takes to get a good paint job done. That’s right. A two-week minimum job time for a painter is finished in 3-5 days when you choose to wrap it. 

5. Bodywork Protection

One of the best benefits is that you are applying a protective shield to the bodywork beneath. 

The wrap itself is a thin but highly durable substance which means chips, stones, scratches, and shopping mall car parks will no longer be a threat. 

Now is the Time to Look into Wrapping a Car

Are you still thinking about getting your car painted? Probably not. Wrapping a car is a win on all fronts, and whether you are getting a business logo design or simply looking to jazz up your current bodywork, wrapping can get it done for you. 

Of course, car wrapping is not the only cool thing there is to learn about cars. Check out some of our other posts for more interesting car facts or maybe advice on buying your first second-hand vehicle.