The New PSP Vita Bundle Review

Is the new PSP Vita system with Assassin’s Creed III Liberation bundle truly better than the traditional bonus pack of the past? Would you rather have the umd drive in the 3000 model over being forced into the online only Sony game store. They did the same thing with the psp go?

You can still get the 3000 model used or new for half the price. So It better be good because Sony and Microsoft have an ongoing competition with the PS3 and Xbox 360 systems and the Ps3 is loosing. It did not help when the Sony store was broken into and user information was compromised.Also I see people complaining about the screen quality of the Vita.

Sony needs an edge to drive up sales of its systems and games. They realized that a new hand-held gaming system was reaching too far, but an improvement could easily update the slim hand held system and give them increased sales. The aftermarket company’s have also jumped on the band wagon with new accessories to support it. The Assassin Creed bundle is out for the traditional 4th quarter push to the holiday’s.

The New PSP Features

October 30th was the launch date for the new Playstation Portable bundle with the assassins creed game included. I have not bought it yet and can only say how cool it looks from the in store demo ride I took. Game play is familiar but I really like the setting and the revolutionary war tie in. As an American this is the war that set my country free.

If you read into the story line it really is a prequel to the revolutionary war as the start date 1775 a decade before actual Independence Day. But as with most assassins creed titles it boils down to eliminating your enemies and securing freedom for your fellow citizens.

As far as the device goes it’s all about the PlayStation Vitas six point motions sensing technology and using the touch screen to activate the arsenal of weapons like a machete and a blow gun. The limited edition comes in crystal white which in my opinion is the snazziest color I’ve seen.

Comparing it to my psp go it has a higher contrast reflective screen that is easier to see in direct sunlight. Also new is a built-in microphone and camera, which lets you take advantage of Skype and other voice features in some games and programs. You get a choice of bundles including madden or call of duty.

Vita players have access to both Wi-Fi and 3G at the time of this writing. I don’t know if 4G will be included going forward or it will be re launched as the Vita 2. Additional features include dual analog sticks an improved 4 core CPU it now has flash card media support for game and saves and a three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer like on tablets.

New PS Vita Games and Accessories

Games are a big expense when it comes to playing. Now we are forced into online stores these days that really takes away the whole trading in and borrowing from friends we use to be able to do when the UMD was around. Most people elect to purchase games versus renting them so I guess the rental industry doesn’t like this, but I’m okay with that aspect of it.

As far as the accessories go it would seem hard to beat the 25 in 1 Luxury Kit for the PS Vita. Although the microfiber cloth and neck-strap all count toward the 25 items I think there are more useful things in the bundle then useless things. Again just my opinion. I always go for the covers protectors and cases when I get a new device it’s just my nature.

The new Playstation hand held gaming system will not always be the only game in town. Nintendo is answering back with a Nintendo DS Lite. For now though, Sony can ride high on its incoming revenue from all of the gaming bundles. The limit edition will fly off the shelves even at a whopping $249.00 and will include extras like top level games.

The gaming world is a very competitive arena between rival companies and they must constantly reinvent their software and consoles to be faster and better. You can still get the 3000 model brand new and find old UMD games all over the place cheap.

But if you need the latest and greatest there is little doubt that Sony has met this challenge head on with the Vita. Technology is always progressing and moving forward in design and function. When the new psp Vita debuted, many users were skeptical about whether or not the system would actually be any better than the old systems, and if the new playstation portable accessories would be better. My opinion is yes they are better and I am glad I made the purchase.

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