Newer PSP Racing Games Reviewed

Need for Speed car racing game

Psp racing games equals, have fun will travel. Lets face it, UMD has been off the market for a long time. However, you can still get good games.

Two new additions to this page are the car racing games discount area at the bottom. There you can find games like ModNation Racers and Monster Jam Urban Assault on UMD for reasonable prices.

Also the new PSP featured game section just below. These two areas are updated more often. I won’t go into all the details about the portable game console itself, because we already know what this little hand held device can do.

Instead I’ll talk about my favorite racing games now available for this portable console. Although the Vita has been out a while and the Go was a flop many people still have the UMD drive devices.

Also these sturdy handhelds can be had cheap used wich makes them a great entry level device. As long as you can still get great games to put in them.

I sold my fat unit on ebay and purchased the newer Psp 3000 that has better load times and clearer display. I have added a PSPgo to the collection but I’ve got buyers remorse with No Umd and other issues.

Good PSP Car Racing Games

Before we get started this upper left section here will be devoted to a newer releases that focuses on car racing. This section will often be updated when there is a better driving game worth mentioning.

This month’s featured game is need for speed shift. Although not brand new its also not to old and the price is right and the graphics good. I am currently hooked on this racing game. Cars handle well with the PSP controls.

I immediately fell in love with the drifting system. There is also a role playing mode that tricks you into learning how the game works. The drifting skill is all about timing and when you learn how to do it right it is a lot of fun.

In RPG mode you learn how to use various items and techniques. After you have finished training and leveling up your driver you send him off to the track to battle other drivers.

I would like to mention that some of the reviews have been harsh. Sometimes race fans expect the PSP version of a race game to do everything that the PC or console version does.

I don’t think this is a realistic expectation. To make a long story short I log a lot of hours of racing time and I thought shift was different and fun.

Gran Turismo for the psp is everything I thought it would be. Unlike my purchase of the psp go I am happy with the racing and the graphics. Changes to the game play model means I don’t have to spend weeks unlocking bonuses for some fun racing.

Whats different about the game play is all the cars in Gran Turismo are unlocked from the beginning. With each race won much needed cash will be deposited in players account.

Getting the cars you want comes much quicker then with past games of this series. A strong feature that puts a twist on the skill level is that in all races every track is unlocked.

The game progresses with your driving skills by raising the alien intelligence of the competition. This keeps the racing fun because with each victory on the track the quality of all the AI opponents rise.

I recently got the midnight club LA Remix version. Here are some highlights of whats new in this specially made for the portable system racing game. Extremely optimized for portable game play with quicker races and reduced load times.

An improvement over the original midnight club psp racing games. Yes multi player racing is a lot of fun for up to 4 players through Wi-Fi. Also includes bonus maps of the city of Tokyo that adds more racing!

LA remix includes real landmarks and streets, variable weather patterns and three different times of day. Several action packed game modes include Career mode with points.

Plus an open ended mission structure that adds to the replay value of this PSP racing game. I get 3 breaks a day and this gives me a chance to get a lot of playstation portable racing done.

I never use cheat codes because I like to win the hard way (Earn it then burn it!) Well Actually I don’t burn the game I sell it on E-bay to raise funds for new games and psp accessories (see below).

Greatest hits car racing games for the psp. It’s time for more custom car racing games for the portable PlayStation. Need for Speed Pro street has been available for a while but this is a good buy since the price dropped.

When a racing title makes it to the greatest hits series it’s almost always worth 10 bucks. Even though it got mixed reviews I would not miss this street racing title.

If you click the link to the left you can watch a demo movie of the game in action on a portable play station. EA has pushed the car racing genre on the psp to a new level. Hey, make sure you come back to learn about the other top PSP racing games and explore all the links on this page.

Automotive Racing Games for the Psp

I have been playing the older midnight club on and off for about the last 8 months. Here are 2 unbiased reviews from Amazon’s PSP racing games website. I got this game the day it came out because it was so enjoyable on Xbox.

It has stunning graphics, a huge selection of music types on the soundtrack, and it brings a very realistic racing and driving element to the PSP. It was all fun until I started my first race it took about 2+ minutes to load.

For a racing or driving title this is the best playstation portable game, no doubt about it. If you can bare to wait 2 minutes for every race event then I recommend it. Note that with the new PlayStation slim and lite system the load times are much faster.

This release is reviewed further below! Sloppy PSP ports are common and the truth hurts sometimes when it comes to psp reviews. We accept them because we want to play them on the go. Lot’s of people are afraid to admit ported games lack quality.

car racing game

I’ll admit that Midnight club is a very good racing series, and this one is a great game for just driving around.

For the people who didn’t like the game because they were too tired to win it, you can easily download the game save it onto your memory stick via USB.

Basically, the game is exactly like the console versions. You pimp out your car, then you race. The game has all the modes from the other game.

Basically it’s the same thing, only with a couple expected ported drawbacks that most PSP racing games suffer from. Over all I am happy with Rockstar’s effort for this PSP car racing game. It’s a solid port of a very good street racing game.

The Need For Speed Underground series always sucked, so this game rules the Sony hand held console. And you can’t beat the exotic cars. If you’re a Midnight Club fan, then you will want to check this game out.

Grand Theft Auto

Psp reviews of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories. This is the perfect game for the PSP. This is a MATURE game. There is swearing and a large amount of violence, but can also be considered a psp racing game, because of the total amount of driving available.

Anybody who buys this game for their 8 year old is making a grave mistake. It really bothers me a lot when people buy adult games for kids and say “Oh I didn’t know”. It clearly says right on the box.

There are a ton of adult gamer people out there, and we like mature games, just like we enjoy rated movies. These games aren’t meant for kids. They’re made exactly the way us adults like them. Some of the Best PSP racing games from amazon below.

New PSP car racing games released

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