Media Go Review and Problems

This is my media go review. With my recent purchase of a PSPgo I received a disk for the media go application. Although you are not forced to use this application they do spend a considerable amount of time talking you into it. I am not a big fan of installing software on my computer unless it is absolutely necessary.

This is because of multiple bad experiences. Keep in mind as I supply this media go review that I may not be as technical as a lot of other gamers. Although I would not consider myself an idiot when it comes to computers and software. To follow will be my report about the things that really disappointed me when I popped the disc into my CD drive.

There are a lot of files on this disc. Initial installation took about 20 minutes. But the disappointing part is that six weeks into my usage of the media go product, I am still struggling with this installation.

There are several third party separate applications included on the disc, which is problem number one. The two applications that cause the most trouble were the framework and the Quick-Time applications. I also have no idea why these two applications are included on the media go software disk. Not knowing if they were required I updated to the latest versions.

First let’s tackle the framework issues. The media go disc includes version 1.0 of this extremely troublesome program. The current version is 3.5. As soon as 1.0 was installed on my hard drive alert messages came up that I was in danger because of an extremely outdated version.

Upgrading from 1.0 to 3.5 is done in three major steps. After each service pack is installed a restart of the computer is necessary. After spending a couple of hours upgrading and restarting I finally felt secure. When I did a little research I found that the 1.0 version that comes on the software CD was released 2002.

If they had version 2.0 or 3.0 upgrade time would be drastically reduced and more user friendly. I do not understand why such an old version was put on the disc. Now, I was one of the first people to get a PSP go after the launch date, and this may have changed. I at least hope that they would put a more recent version of the framework on the supplied disk. At the same time that my computer was alerting me of my outdated version of the framework, Apple QuickTime also wanted my attention.

More Troubles with Upgrading

Upgrading two different software programs at the same time is not possible. You have to focus on one and then turn to the other. The main goal of the Apple QuickTime application is for you to upgrade to a paid version.

But just like with the framework. An extremely old version of Apple QuickTime was installed. A version once again, that was released in 2002. So even if you do not want the paid version of QuickTime, you still must update the free version for security reasons.

I updated the free version but that was not the end of my troubles with the QuickTime application. Every time I started my computer. The QuickTime application would go out on the Internet without my permission, and look for updated software and try to sell me the paid version.

I could hear my hard drive working and I could see my Internet bandwidth being gobbled up by the program . After six weeks of this nonsense I opened the QuickTime applications separate from the media go software and found a hidden tab for the automatic update and unchecked the box.

After turning off the application update algorithm by selecting never update, my computer was returned to my control. Recently the media go software itself was upgraded along with the firmware on the pspgo and this took about 20 minutes as well. So far in the short 6 weeks a slew of upgrades.

So this is my media go review and has nothing to do with the PSP go itself. I am actually becoming very fond of my hand-held gaming device, but not so much with the media go software. Again, more technically minded people may not struggle with these issues at all, but for this 44-year-old mechanic from Florida It was a pain. Give this media go review page a bookmark or share.

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