the Fastest RC Cars

A Need For Speed: 5 of the Fastest RC Cars

March 13, 2019 Auto Facts 0

Very few things can beat the excitement of racing a fast car.  Before they are able to drive themselves, kids loved to race RC cars around. They race and crash and run them around, eager to experience the real thrill. With some of the fastest RC cars around, kids can […]

best selling ford vehicles

Forever Ford: What Are the Best Selling Ford Vehicles of All Time?

February 16, 2019 Auto Facts 0

In 2017, Ford profited 7.6 billion dollars. Ranking fifth worldwide as the most valuable car brand the name Ford sparks American pride in most Americans. Their commercials and catchphrases are familiar to any family that considers buying a car.  But what are the best-selling Ford vehicles of all time? In this article, […]

Funny License Plate Ideas

GTCR8TV: Creative and Funny License Plate Ideas

February 6, 2019 Auto Facts 0

Are you looking for cool and creative license plate ideas? License plates are somewhat of a blank canvass for the road. Many people use them in different ways when it comes to art. Some people transform these pieces of metal into pieces of art while other people use them as […]

plan a road trip

How to Plan a Road Trip You’ll Never Forget

December 24, 2018 Auto Facts 0

Some of the best memories and greatest adventures occur on road trips. There’s nothing more liberating or exciting than hitting the open road with some of your favorite people and searching for new places to see and things to do. Almost 80% of family vacations are road trips but not […]

car decals

Sticky Situations: How to Apply a Car Decal

December 12, 2018 Auto Facts 0

For some people, the car they drive is like a luxury home on wheels. That’s why it’s important to give it curb appeal. Pun intended.  Decals are an excellent way to make your car stand out on the road.  Pimping a ride out is an age-old tradition. From big wheels […]

diesel fuel

What’s the Deal With Diesel Fuel? 3 Things You Should Know

December 6, 2018 Auto Facts 0

While diesel engines and fuel are an increasingly popular fixture in Europe (45% adoption rate), in the United States, consumers aren’t buying into the craze. Why? The answer to that question is a multi-faceted one. Among diesel enthusiasts, it’s hard to understand why so much of the world’s population forgoes […]