3 Main Factors to Consider Before Buying a Diesel Truck

Buying a Diesel Truck

Over 20% of vehicles on the road today are pickup trucks. Americans love the power, durability, and convenience of driving a pickup truck.

Are you in the market for a new truck? With ample space in the truck bed and hefty towing power, buying a truck allows you to do things most people can’t.

And if you’re worried about fuel economy, and want something that maximizes fuel efficiency as much as possible, consider getting a diesel truck as opposed to a gasoline-powered truck.

For those who spend a lot of time on the highway, buying a diesel truck is the way to go. If you’ve never owned a diesel vehicle before, there are a few things you should know first. Keep reading for helpful tips for buying a diesel truck today.

1. Diesel Is Usually More Efficient

Trucks aren’t known for having great fuel economy. This is especially true if you want a truck that can hold six passengers, has a full bed, and can tow an RV.

But a truck powered by diesel is going to experience more fuel efficiency. Diesel fuel packs more energy into every single gallon of fuel. So every gallon of diesel will get your further than a gallon of gasoline.

And engines that run on diesel also have more torque and power. So the engine itself can propel the car further forward with every gallon, too.

And if you don’t necessarily need a truck bed, and would prefer extra seats inside your vehicle, consider a diesel-powered SUV. Instead of the Chevy Silverado, for example, you can get a Chevrolet Tahoe, so you can carry the whole family.

2. They Last a Long Time

One of the biggest benefits of diesel trucks is that they last a really long time. They are more durable and more reliable over time.

In the past, diesel engines were larger, louder, and much heavier than gas engines. But today, with advancements in technology, diesel engines look, feel, and sound identical to gas engines. Plus, they have fewer moving parts, meaning fewer things that could fail and require repair.

3. Buying a Diesel Truck Is Expensive

These benefits come at a cost. Diesel-powered cars can cost about $10,000 more than the same car powered by gas. So the fuel efficiencies and extra power provided by diesel require a higher upfront investment.

But considering you are going to save money on fuel, and your truck will last for many, many years, it’s an easily digestible expense.

Need some tips for buying a truck powered by diesel? Wondering how to buy a diesel truck for the first time? Consider buying used. Even a diesel truck with 100,000 miles on it will have plenty of life left.

And used trucks will maintain their towing power as well. If you drive a lot, and spend most of your miles on the highway, as opposed to the city, diesel is a smart choice and makes owning a truck less of a burden.

Is Diesel Right for You?

The advantages of a diesel truck are clear; more power, greater fuel efficiency, and long-lasting durability. But is the high price tag worth it?

Only you can decide, depending on your daily driving habits and needs. For many diesel drivers, the towing power alone is what makes diesel trucks worth it.

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