11 Awesome Accessories to Add to Your Off Road Vehicle

Off Road Vehicle Accessories

Did you know that the off-road vehicle market is expected to grow from nine billion in 2017 to 13.5 billion by 2024? With more people purchasing these cars for the fun option of off-roading, they may feel as if that’s all they need in order to have a successful off-roading trip.

However, you need to invest in additional off-road vehicle equipment in order to keep you safe and comfortable. This is especially important if you plan on off-roading on your own or with other beginners who still need to invest in the best gear for off-roading.

With this in mind, read on for 11 of our top recommended off-road vehicle accessories! 

1. Traction Mats

Although you’ll probably have the best off-road tires already equipped for the terrain, there may still be instances where your tires can’t get enough traction. Tractions mats are meant to do the job of providing needed traction quickly so that you’re not stuck in potholes or ditches.

It’s also a quick solution that you can try first instead of breaking out your more time and labor-intensive solutions.  

2. Tire Deflators

Tire deflators should be a part of your essential off-road accessories. This is because just purchasing the right tires isn’t enough. You may hit surfaces such as sand or mud that make it harder for your car to get traction. 

Even worse, you may be in a situation where you can’t easily put down a traction mat. By deflating your tires, you’re allowing them to get more contact with the ground. This also spreads the vehicle’s weight out more and helps prevent the car from sinking more. 

3. Winch

If traction mats, a compact shovel, and deflating your tires still don’t get your car unstuck, you’ll need to get a winch. Winches help you get out of tricky situations.

With the winch attached to a sturdy anchor such as a tree, rock, or another vehicle, you’ll be able to self-recover your vehicle. 

4. Tire Repair Kits and Air Compressor

Even with off-road tires, they’re still prone to be punched by sharp rocks, nails, and other debris that you don’t see on the road until it’s too late. Tire repair kits will enable you to patch up your tire and get back home without more stress. 

Next, an air compressor is important if you lower the air pressure of your tires too far or if you start experiencing a leak. 

5. Jump Starter

Most people have a jump starter in their car when driving to work or doing errands. You never know when a battery will die. The same is true when off-roading. 

A jump starter also means that you don’t need to rely on another car to be there in order to bring your vehicle back to life. 

6. Off Road Rims 

Beyond off-road wheels, you need to be sure that you have off road rims as well. Not only do off road rims add style to your off-road vehicle, but they’re also tougher and sturdier as well. This means that your car will be able to withstand rougher terrain for longer.

7. Hi-Lift Jack

Fixing your car isn’t always convenient; there may be times when you need to get under your car. Rough terrain can make this even more difficult than usual. This is why a hi-lift jack is recommended to make your life significantly easier when it’s time for repairs. 

8. Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are necessary to bring on your next off-roading trip. Although fires are thankfully not common, a fire extinguisher is still important to have to save lives if the worst occurs.

This is because out-of-control fires can threaten the lives of yourself as well as others. If you’re in a forested area, this also increases the danger. 

9. Backup Gasoline

Winches and traction mats can’t help you if you get stuck because of a lack of gasoline. If you’re new to off-roading, you may find it’s hard to predict how much gas you’ll use during your first few outings. 

With this in mind, bring backup gasoline to give you greater peace of mind and keep you from getting stuck. 

10. Cargo Straps

Cargo straps are often used to hold down heavy items on top or on the back of a pickup truck, but they’re essential for off-roading as well. This is because they can be used to hold down items that are prone to sliding around. 

They can also aid you in the inside of your car if you have coolers, gear, and other items that may slide around and harm passengers inside. 

11. Compact Shovel

Last but not least, don’t forget to purchase your compact shovel. Not only do these shovels look cool attached to the outside of your vehicle, but they also serve an important purpose for vehicle recovery. 

For instance, if your car is sinking in mud, shovels can help you carve out a path that makes it easier for your vehicle to move forward. 

Invest in the Best Off Road Vehicle Accessories Today

If you’re new to off-roading adventures, it’s important to keep in mind that purchasing an off-road vehicle and tires isn’t enough. Emergencies can still occur that can make your life extremely difficult if you’re not prepared for them.

From getting stuck to draining batteries, all of these off-road vehicle accessories are meant to keep the adventure going even when something unpredictable happens.

Once you purchase these accessories, make sure that you know how to use each and every one of them before you store them away. That way, you won’t have to spend extra time out on the field figuring out what to do! 

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