Is Your Car Locked? Don’t Panic! How to Get Your Car Unlocked

Get Your Car Unlocked

We spend 18 days per year driving our cars; it’s basically a second home to us. So when we’re locked out, it can really make us go crazy! Not only do we lose our main method of transportation, but chances are, there are some important things (or people!) trapped inside.

If you get your car locked and your keys are inside, don’t panic! Here are some things you can try.

Try All the Doors

This might sound very obvious, but while you’re distressed, you might not think to do the simplest things.

Take a deep breath and try each door handle. You never know; one might just be unlocked!

Make sure you try the trunk as well. If it’s unlocked, you can fold down the rear seats, get into the car, and then unlock one of the doors from there.

Call Someone With a Spare Key

Hopefully, you have a spare key at home. And if things work out, there’s someone who’s either home or can drive over to grab the key for you.

You might have to wait a little bit if they’re currently busy, but this is an option that’s free. Make sure you still treat your friend or family member out for saving you in a pinch though!

Call Your Insurance Company

The next thing you should try is your insurance company. Many people don’t know this, but they have roadside assistance. It’s worth it to call and check in, just in case you do as well!

If it so happens that you have roadside assistance, your insurance company can send a locksmith and/or reimburse you for the fee you pay.

Call a Locksmith

If you’ve exhausted all your options, then it’s best to call an automotive locksmith. While you’ll have to pay for these professionals to work their magic, it can be well worth it since they can unlock your car and get you your eyes in just a few minutes.

So if you’re in a rush, you might want to skip the above suggestions and go straight to calling a locksmith. 

Break a Window

This option isn’t ideal, but it’s still something that you can try, especially if you’re in an emergency situation. If you absolutely need to break the window, then safety first. Should there be an unconscious or disabled person inside, pick the furthest away window to break.

Now get something heavy to break the window with, such as a heavy rock or hammer. When breaking the window, aim for the middle and be careful as the small pieces shatter and fall away.

Car Locked? Try the Above Tips

The next time you find your car locked, don’t freak out just yet. Besides calling a locksmith, there are some other things you can try out. It won’t be the end of the world!

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