The Undeniable Benefits of Driving a Lifted Jeep

Benefits of Driving a Lifted Jeep

The first Jeeps were designed when the US Military began looking for a light reconnaissance vehicle in 1940. In 1945 Jeep released their first civilian vehicle, the CJ-2A.

Jeeps have remained one of the world’s most iconic automobiles ever since.

Over the years a lot of changes have been made, and a lot of new features introduced. One of the most popular forms of customization is in lift kits.

If you are wondering what advantages a lifted Jeep has, keep reading.

Off-Roading Made Easy

These days there are a lot of types of Jeeps. If there is one thing that is associated with the brand, it is off-roading.

When it comes to off-roading, capability is everything. Jeeps have always been known for how well they handle rough terrain and a lift kit only improves on that.

A lifted Jeep has more space between the vehicle and the ground. A greater clearance makes it easier it is to navigate obstacles or an uneven driving surface.

Improved suspension gives a much smoother driving experience and any impact will take less of a toll on your Jeep.

Locking differentials can help improve traction and overall handling can be much better.

Bigger Is Better

A stock height Jeep can be quite limited when it comes to tire upgrades. Due to the extra space below the Jeep, options for tires increase massively. 

These increased options don’t just mean bigger tires for an aesthetic improvement, but also more options when it comes to performance tires. You’ll have a much easier time finding tires to fit your needs.

Rollover Protection

For anyone who wants to take on a real off-road challenge, there are always risks to think about. The last thing you want to do is roll your Jeep over.

Rollover mitigation technology comes standard or optional with modern jeeps, but there is still always a risk of rolling. Rollcages are also very common but even with one installed, it is still something that you probably want to avoid.

Upgraded tires and suspension can help to lower the center of gravity of your jeep, naturally making it more stable on the ground. A new shifted weight may feel unusual when driving at first, but once you are used to it you’ll appreciate the advantage it gives.

The Lifted Jeep Look

Lifted trucks have become more and more popular over the years. Jeeps have always been iconic vehicles, so that lifted Jeep look is one that anyone can appreciate.

But it’s not only the lift itself that can improve the look; lift kits often come as part of a package, which can also include a number of other features:

  • Skid plates
  • Bumpers
  • Rock rails
  • Decals

You have plenty of choices when it comes to upgrading your jeep. It’s easy to step away from that factory look and set your Jeep apart from others.

Sport Compact Warehouse is a great example of a company that provides a huge amount of customization options for all kinds of automobiles from Jeep to John Deere. 

Stand Out From the Crowd

The looks, the customizability, the flexibility. Having a lifted Jeep is just the beginning. Vehicle modifications open countless doors.

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