What Are the Different Types of Car Window Tints That Exist Today?

Car Window Tints

Window tinting is a major segment of the automotive industry, worth over $3.14 billion. It’s more than an aesthetic choice; it also provides protection against harmful UV rays, increased privacy, and more.

These benefits aren’t the only reason that you’ll see more cars with tinted windows on the street. Vehicle ownership is up with 276 million vehicles registered with the US Department of Transportation, and 91% of households have access to a vehicle.

Whether you’ve just bought your first car or want to spruce up the one you’ve owned for years, read our guide to learn about the different types of car window tints you have to choose from.

Dyed Window Film

As the name suggests, this window film is made of thin layers of dyed plastic. It comes in several shades and is popular due to its affordability and levels of UV protection. The major disadvantage is that it fades over time and has less longevity than other options, needing to be replaced every few years.

Metalized Window Film

This film is made of metallic microparticles. It has one of the sleekest and most aesthetically pleasing looks, but that’s not all it has to offer. It’s highly reflective and provides extra privacy, heat reduction, and protection against UV rays or break-ins. It’s more expensive than dyed film and can block signals from electronic devices such as phones or GPS. 

Hybrid Film

Hybrid film is a combination of the materials and benefits of metalized and dyed auto window tints but is more expensive than either of these options on their own. It offers high levels of security and protection but can block signals the same way that metalized tints do. 

Carbon Film

Carbon particles make up this film. It provides the most subtle form of darkening if you don’t want to make it obvious that you’ve tinted your windows. Despite this, it still provides a high level of heat insulation and blocks up to 40% of UV rays. It won’t block your electronic signals either. The thing to remember is that all of these benefits come with a higher cost.

Ceramic Film

Ceramic film contains layers of non-conductive ceramic particles. It’s one of the most popular auto window tints for vehicle owners who can afford it because it blocks 90% of UV rays and offers high performance.

Finding the right car window tinting services is essential to get the best results. They can also recommend the right type of tint for your vehicle.

More Car Ownership Tips

Anything that can improve the experience of spending large amounts of time in your car is worth the investment. Car window tints are one of the best options because they protect you and your vehicle.

Every driver should consider installing them, but the same types won’t work for everyone. You’ll need to compare your options and consider which one matches best with your budget and needs. You’ll also need to be careful to choose the best service to install it.

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