3 Safety Features No Modern Car Can Go Without

Car Safety Features

Did you know that road accidents are the leading cause of death for U.S. citizens aged one year old to 54 years old? 

In all, 4.4 million people require medical attention each year as a result of a road accident. 

it goes without saying that the more safety features a vehicle has, the better chance you and your passengers have against injury in the event of a crash. 

With modern advances in technology, driving has become much safer. Keep reading to find out three new car safety features that should be essential for your next vehicle. 

1. AEB: Automatic Emergency Braking

AEB or Automatic Emergency Braking has become more sought after in recent years, as modern advances happen in the automotive industry. 

A vehicle that has AEB fitted will automatically sense a potential collision, and if the driver does not react in time, the car will do the braking on your behalf. 

A driver will find that in the event of a collision, the car will be able to commence braking before the driver has even had time to react, drastically reducing the severity of the collision itself. 

2. The Rear-View Camera 

There are two main benefits to having a rear-view camera on your car:

  1. The driver gets a clear view of anything that is behind the vehicle while reversing 
  2. The rear-view camera can detect objects, people, or animals that are too short to be seen over the backend of the car 

These rear-view cameras usually have a 180-degree backward view, so a driver will be able to see on the screen any obstructions behind them. 

3. Futuristic Facial Recognition 

Very recently, some car manufacturers have revealed vehicles that have facial recognition software installed. 

What does this mean?

Well, the facial recognition software has the ability to constantly measure the driver’s alertness, as well as give warnings when it feels that the driver isn’t paying enough attention. 

The warning comes in the form of a buzzer with the objective of bringing the driver’s attention back to the wheel. 

Bonus New Car Safety Features

Car safety features come in the form of many vehicle advancements, particularly in recent years. 

Some of these we feel are worthy of a special mention: 

  • Smart headlights have the ability to lower the level of the light beam when it senses oncoming traffic, so other drivers aren’t ‘blinded’
  • Night vision features are also available that will serve as a warning system for pedestrians and cyclists that aren’t easily seen at night 

If you do find yourself in the difficult position of having recently had a road collision, make sure you’re up to scratch with the requirements and things that need to be done. Sweet Law is an organization that can assist with this. 

Shopping For New Car Safety Features 

When you’re in the market for a new vehicle, new car safety features should be top of the list of what you need to look at. 

You can also look for things like forward-collision warning systems, shatter-resistant glass, and airbags, all of which are dated technology, but coupled with new advancements can make your new vehicle as safe as possible. 

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