5 Simple Steps to Proper Transmission Maintenance

Transmission Maintenance

Did you know most cars last from between 200,000 and 300,000 miles? If you want to get the most use of your car that you can, you need to make sure to keep up with proper maintenance.

There is routine car maintenance you need to keep up with to make sure your car stays in good shape, from getting your oil changed, to routine break checks, to your transmission upkeep. Keep reading and we will guide you through five simple steps to proper transmission maintenance.

5 Steps for Proper Transmission Maintenance

Make your car last and keep it in top shape to get the most use of it as you can. A car is an investment, and you want to get your money’s worth.

In order to do so, you need to continue to invest in your car with routine maintenance. We are going to walk you through five simple steps to transmission maintenance.

1. Check Transmission Fluid

The most common transmission issues usually have to do with low or dirty fluid. You never want your transmission to overheat.

You should check your transmission fluid once a month. You want to assess the levels and conditions, and you can see a lot just by looking at it.

You can use this helpful how to guide that explains simple steps on how to check your fluid and how to make sure everything looks okay.

2. Synthetic Fluid

You can also consider switching to synthetic fluid. Synthetic fluid is great at resisting temperature conditions from heat to cold, oxidation, and shearing.

These all shorten the life of a transmission under normal circumstances, so you would be taking preventive action in getting synthetic fluid.

3. Service Your Transmission

Every 30,000 miles, you should get your transmission serviced. When you take it in, the car repair or maintenance shop will likely replace the filter and the fluid.

They will also remove and clean the pan, remove any gunk, and put everything back together with new fluid. Check out transmission services at Aplustransmission.com.

4. Check Heating and Cooling Systems

Heat can damage your car’s transmission beyond repair, so you want to make sure both your heat and cooling system is working correctly.

Get yours checked on by a professional every 2 years. If you sense something is wrong with yours, take your car into a service right away.

5. Broken Pan Gaskets

Another part of your car that you can get repaired or checked when you get your transmission serviced is the pan. If this is worn, cracked, or broken, your fluid will leak.

You can check for this by if you see fluid leaking from your car. This could become a major issue if it’s broken, so if you see it leaking take your car in right away.

Make Your Car Last

Now that you know the importance of transmission maintenance, start checking everything out today.

Schedule a routine service, check out the fluid yourself, and familiarize yourself with the different transmission parts and issues so you’re always on the lookout.

Schedule your routine service today or keep reading about answers to car questions from experts.