5 Benefits of Using a Fixed Base Operator


A fixed base operator is a commercial business that provides services to airports for private jets. Every airport across the nation has at least one, and their work goes beyond just mechanics and repair.

But why are they important to you?

As a customer of private jets, it’s useful to understand what kind of benefits you get when the jet is managed by a fixed base operator. As an airport, you learn about how these operators can support airports and alleviate work and stressors.

What Are FBOs?

Fixed base operators (FBO) support private jets in a wide range of areas. These areas include: 

  • Parking
  • Storage
  • Hangarage
  • Supplying fuel 
  • Aircraft maintenance 
  • Flight training 
  • Rentals
  • Customer service
  • and so on.

These are only some of the services offered by FBOs. AIN recently asked its readers to list their priorities when choosing the right FBO. The results were that over 85% chose excellent customer service as a top priority. This makes it an important point of consideration when choosing your FBO.

Benefits of FBOs

We now know what an FBO is. It’s time to dive into the benefits of switching from your airline’s operations over to a fixed base operator. Find out below!

1. Save Effort

An FBO will cover all sorts of services, effectively taking the work out of your hands.

They provide services for guests that help them feel at ease before the flight. This includes complimentary food and drink, table services, and a lounge.

The FBO will also help with flight crew amenities. This includes quality services that keep the crew in the best frame of mind between flights.

Finally, they help with aircraft hangaring and tie-down services, so you won’t have to stress when the flight lands. 

2. Save Costs 

An FBO can help save costs by offering discounted fuel programs. Some of them will offer discounts while others have loyalty programs. High-quality services also ensure high customer satisfaction. This could lead to positive word-of-mouth and loyal customers. These are both important for growth in revenue! 

3. Comfort

An FBO will provide comfort to the crew, the customers, and the airport itself! The lounges are usually equipped with Wi-Fi access, refreshments, and bathroom facilities. They even offer special rates for pilots. FBOs offer a wide range of services, and they are usually high-quality, ensuring comfort for everyone involved.

4. Safety

If there are high-profile travelers, they can easily avoid the public by taking transportation directly from the FBO to the private jet. Moreover, if they have valuable cargo, then it can be transported to the jet directly after going through security.

5. Convenience

Lastly, an FBO provides convenience for all stakeholders involved. There are no extra lines during the waiting process. Your customers simply need to arrive at the FBO before the flight, go through check-in and security, and go directly to the aircraft. 

Choose Your Fixed Base Operator Wisely

The key to your success is choosing the right fixed base operator for your business. Look for operators that provide high-quality customer service, above all else. You’ll have smooth sailing from then on!

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