5 Auto Detailing Tips to Get a Professional-Quality Shine


In 2018, the global car wash service market size was valued at $33 billion. Car detailing can be an expensive option that does not always get the job done correctly. Luckily, you can get that professional clean feel on your own.

Break out the sponge and follow these five auto detailing tips for a quality shine.

1. Dry Glass in Two Directions

The glass on your car windows often has a streak when you are trying to make it squeaky clean. This is one of the auto detailing tips that can leave your glass windows perfect.

For exterior car detailing you will want to dry the glass in a different direction than interior car detailing. For example, dry the exterior horizontally and the interior vertically.

This makes it easier to tell whether or not the streak is on the inside or outside. Now, you will be able to deal with the problem quickly.

2. Clean the Top of the Windows

This may seem like an odd thing to do, but it is one of the best auto detail tips to avoid smears. Detailing your car is all about cleaning every inch of the car, this goes for the windows too.

Roll the windows down a tad to ensure the topmost part is clean. This can reduce dripping, streaking, and other unwanted marks.

3. Towel Dry

Another one of the best car cleaning tricks is to use a towel to dry. Don’t go the lazy route and let your car air dry because watermarks will develop. These marks don’t sound like a big deal, but they tend to be difficult to remove.

Using a soft towel can keep the paintwork looking fresh. This is one of the must-follow auto detailing tips to make the paint clear and clean. Use a figure-eight motion to remove excess water including any water droplets you see.

4. Rinse the Sponge Often

Another common unwanted mark is a swirl mark. You can reduce this problem by regularly rinsing the sponge/cloth used during the wash. It is recommended to have a second bucket just for this.

The dirt particles on the car will transfer to the sponge. To keep them from getting back onto the vehicle, a rinse of the sponge is necessary. These particles can cause paint damage.

5. Don’t Remove Wax With a Power Buffer

It is essential to apply wax to the car with a power buffer, but not to remove it with one. Removing wax with a power buffer often leads to swirls and an uneven finish.

After applying the wax with a power buffer, remove it with a dry, soft cloth. The machine won’t be able to burn the layer of paint when the wax is removed with a cloth. This is the best way to get professional cleaning results.

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Auto Detailing Tips You Need to Try

These auto detailing tips will have your vehicle looking like it just came from the professionals without the crazy cost. No more worrying about smudges and marks when you clean your own car. Your car looks a little dirty, so try out these tips today!

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