5 Easy Ways to Boost Automotive Sales

Automotive Salesman

Automative dealerships are bearing quite a bit of weight during the pandemic. Between a decrease in day-to-day travel and the accompanying recession, some companies have noted a 45% drop in their car sales this year compared to last year.

In unprecedented times, it’s time to pull out all of the stops. The best thing to do is to reach your consumers where they are: at home online.

How can you boost automotive sales through your website, social media, and more?

You’ve come to the right place. Read on for 5 ways that you can increase brand awareness and boost your sales with simple online tactics.

1. Make Your Social Media Interactive

How do you make sure that your social media is interesting and eye-catching when you’re in the business of selling cars? You can’t rely on pictures of cars, alone, when there are plenty of non-retail accounts that offer the same thing. Instead, you need to find ways to make your social media interactive by focusing on the region you service.

For example, use your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to remind your neighbors that travel and outings are still possible. Team up with other organizations and businesses that are safely open. Encourage viewers to jump in the car and head out to the great outdoors for some safe weekend fun.

To engage your viewers, create interactive content like polls. Ask them where they like to go to unwind during the pandemic or where their first destination will be when they purchase one of your new cars. Put together raffles and other prize-granting contests to encourage people to follow and share your content.

Of course, not every one of your followers will turn around and buy a new car. However, they will become familiar with your branding. That brand recognition can lead to sales down the road or recommendations to friends in the market.

2. Learn More About SEO

How do you generate more traffic to your website? Taking out advertisements on other websites and social media platforms may help, but that’s only half of the solution. Focus on generating organic traffic through the use of search engine optimization, also known as SEO.

SEO relies on high-traffic keywords to increase the hits on your website. Say you find that people in your region tend to search for things like, “DIY windshield wiper fix.” Your job is then to create high-quality content that incorporates that keyphrase and answers the questions your viewers have.

The best part about SEO (other than the traffic it will bring in for your website) is that it allows you to demonstrate your expertise. If you can answer a viewer’s question about car troubles, they’re going to trust that you know your way around the automotive world.

3. Update Your Website

Sales may be down, but that doesn’t mean that no one is looking to buy a new car. However, out of concern for their safety, they’re probably going to start the hunt from home.

Take a look at the websites owned by other automotive dealerships in your area. This is your competition. How do you stack up?

In order to get a customer off the internet and onto your sales floor, your website needs to stand out. It needs to run smoothly, look modern, and provide updated and accurate information.

Consumers need to see your current inventory. If they have their heart set on a specific car only to discover that you’ve already sold it, they’re not going to be happy with you! They also need to know about your financing plans, hours, and even your approach to keeping your lot safe during the pandemic.

Don’t lose sales because your website doesn’t reflect the quality of your business.

4. Work on Phone Skills

Assume that every potential or returning customer wants to avoid face-to-face business right now. The goal of many consumers is to spend as little time as possible visiting a business or interacting with strangers. That means that you’re going to need to do a lot of business over the phone.

Practice pitching, following up, and basic customer service skills with your sales team. Remind them to provide thorough responses to common questions consumers have. Encourage them to ask consumers if their questions have been addressed or if they could use further assistance.

The better your phone skills are, the more confident consumers are going to be in your dealership. You want to leave every caller feeling respected, listened to, aware, and satisfied.

5. Outsource Your Digital Needs

We all have our areas of expertise that we’ve worked hard to master. No businessperson, no matter how savvy, is the master of everything. In other words, you may know automotive sales like the back of your hand but feel like you’re in foreign territory when you head to the internet.

That’s why there are plenty of contractors out there who have mastered the skills business owners don’t have time for! When you’re feeling stumped, don’t wade through the murkiness alone. Contract experienced, trustworthy experts who can take care of those murky areas for you.

Digital Impact is the perfect solution to any automotive business’s digital needs. Find out more about how they can help you boost your brand and your sales during this unusual time.

Don’t Lose Automotive Sales This Fall

If you’re looking to keep your automative sales in the black during the pandemic, you’re going to need some new tactics. By amping up your digital presence and your sales team’s phone skills, you can keep your sales high this fall.

Looking for more ways to utilize digital space? Curious about automotive trends both on and offline? We’ve got plenty of content for everyone, so stick around and see what else catches your eye.