5 Car Trends to Watch Over the Next Year

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So much of the world is uncertain, with the 2020 pandemic in full swing and daily life turned upside down. The car industry is no different.

The car trends we’ve seen this year are likely to continue throughout the decade.

Here are five ways the production and sale of vehicles have changed and will continue to overcome new challenges this year.

1. Stronger Digital Sales

The auto industry is already zooming when it comes to online sales. While a global pandemic certainly helped drive customers to the internet, the trend will likely continue even after COVID-19 is more controlled.

Buyers like the easily accessible method of buying vehicles, and they’re also thrilled with the home delivery. If they can get their groceries, their prescriptions, and everything else delivered, why not their new cars? This new preference means dealers are adapting and having to master new marketing trends to stay on top of their game.

2. Car Trends: Protecting the Environment

Many car makers have pledged to make more electric vehicles in the future. If we’re wondering what to expect this year, it’s that we’ll see more of these eco-friendly models. Early prototypes will enter the car shows, and each company will want to show you how they’re meeting and exceeding your expectations.

They’ll want to prove that they’re within their promised timelines and that they’re doing as well as electric car giants like Tesla.

3. Better Financing Options

The making and selling of cars is an evolving industry, and dealers have pivoted to allow for better financing during the coronavirus crisis. More and more dealerships offer insurance that will cover your payments if you lose your job because of the pandemic, as well as finance options that include no payments for 90 days or more.

Dealers want to do everything they can to ensure they’re still selling cars and making it easy for people to find their perfect new rides.

4. More Joint Ventures

One of the newest auto industry trends is collaboration projects between two companies. Toyota and Subaru teamed up in 2013 to bring back the Toyota 86, a model whose early concepts began as early as 2007. The Toyota FRS was eventually released from 2012-2016, nearly the same model as a Subaru BRZ.

If Toyota and Subaru can combine their efforts to make the Car of the Year, then further collaborations will likely win similar accolades. This award-winning car may well lead the way for many more in its class.

5. Repairs Will Stay Down

Many newer car models last longer than they used to, so mechanic services are seeing a downward trend when it comes to repairs. The car industry has also seen that car owners prefer to take their cars to the dealer, especially as everything under the hood becomes more complicated. 

DIY repairs are less frequent, too, a trend that will likely continue. As people drive their cars less because of work-from-home orders related to the pandemic, they’ll need even fewer repairs.

Shaping the Industry

These five future car trends are set to shape the industry throughout 2020 and beyond. You’ll see much of this continue or progress even further as the decade goes on.

Between more reliable cars and the promised electric car movement, dealers and carmakers will have to adapt and change.

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