7 of the Hottest Truck Wheel Brands of 2020

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Whether you’re buying a new truck, a used truck, or just doing maintenance on the one you already have, it’s vital to make sure you have the right wheels.

The significance of truck wheel brands is ignored far too often. Dealerships don’t typically offer new wheel options when you buy a truck. Chances are even less likely when working with a private seller.

Even when getting your vehicle tuned up, you’ve probably never been told about a better wheel option! Or, if you have, it probably felt like any other upsell.

In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While a lot of drivers search for the best looking truck wheels, what looks good isn’t always safest. To help you find a good balance between form and function, here’s a list of seven of the best wheels for trucks in 2020.

1. Get Creative With Truck Wheel Colors

You’re looking for reliable wheels with good looks, and the RBP 94R won’t let you down.

Taking an interesting approach to design, these wheels come in two color combinations: chrome with black accents and black with chrome accents. The designs affect viewers’ depth perception, giving the wheels a sleek and slim look despite their sturdiness.

Upon closer inspection, the dual-color wheels make a strong statement. Of course, looks aren’t everything. These wheels also come in a variety of sizes for all kinds of trucks and are rated for up to 3200 pounds.

If this seems too good to believe, don’t worry. RBP offers a one-year warranty to back up their claims.

2. Even More Heavy-Duty Truck Wheels

The Moto Metal MO962 is a great option for those with heavier rides up to 3600 pounds. The eight-spoke design comes in your choice of size, offset, and bolt patterns, with a classic chrome finish.

Moto offers a limited lifetime warranty, and even guarantees the finish quality for a full year! Warranties on finishes are rare, so if looks are the top priority for you, the Moto Metal is the model to buy.

3. Get Your Truck up to Speed

Nascar races are back on for now. What better way to celebrate than buying wheels from the classic brand, American Racing? AR172 Baja wheels are for smaller trucks, offered in 15″ and 17″ diameters.

American Racing’s name isn’t just for looks—The company’s history started with drag racing. For that reason, their wheels are built tough. Whether you’re a racer yourself, an avid hiker, or a typical city driver, the AR172 Baja will get your ride up to speed.

4. Fuel Your Fire With These Wheels

These Fuel wheels are an attractive, reliable option for truck drivers. Coming in at 20″, the glossy black Cleaver D574s make great Dodge or Ford wheels and suit other makes as well.

It’s a fact that most truck drivers take pride in their vehicles’ looks, no matter how practical they claim to be.

While rims and wheels are technically different parts, casual hobbyists use them interchangeably. If you want your truck to stand out, popular truck rims are guaranteed to make a big statement. Fuel Cleaver D574 wheels are popularly known as some of the best rims for trucks, so you can think of them as a two-for-one!

5. Powerful Truck Wheels

Drivers looking for powerful truck wheels should look no further than the Hardrock Crusher. As their name suggests, these wheels are designed for offroad use and come in two intimidating black finishes: one with “dimples,” and the other milled.

They come in three different sizes and are rated to support 2500 pounds. While this rating limits the Crusher’s versatility, it’s an excellent tire option for smaller vehicles.

6. Arkon Off-Road Truck Wheels

If you drive on bumpy terrain, it’s important that you have wheels made for off-roading. You won’t be betrayed by Arkon’s Off-Road Caesar wheels, one of the best off-road truck wheel models.

For your safety, Arkon’s Caesar wheels are directional, designed with traction in mind for even the most daring adventures. These super functional wheels don’t discount looks: Detailing on the Caesar’s many spokes and exposed lugnuts add to its visual appeal.

7. The Most Popular of All Truck Wheel Brands

These six top picks are a solid handful of options for optimizing your ride. Still, aren’t you wondering about the most popular brand of all? 

While there’s no one official measure, one wheel that never fails to sell is the Moto Metal MO970. It’s among the very top sellers in many stores and won’t let you down.

These wheels come with a limited lifetime warranty and total coverage for a year. That’s a quality guarantee—brands don’t make promises like that if they’re not confident in their product, and products don’t sell like this if the promises don’t ring true!

Another reason the MO970 wheels are so popular is that they come in a variety of looks. Buyers have their choice of three different finishes: black, machined black, or gray. Considering that custom wheel upgrades cost a pretty penny and aren’t guaranteed to look good, these stylish options are an excellent deal.

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