Where Do BMW Parts Come From? (And Other Important Questions!)

BMW wheel

Back in 1760, this little thing called the Industrial Revolution kicked off. The introduction of machines to manufacture all of the products that the world needed to operate has massively changed the face of the world forever.

One of the greatest inventions whose birth can ultimately be attributed to the Industrial Revolution is the motor car. Ever since the first car was built, people have been using vehicles to go where they like, making the world smaller and smaller every day.

What may surprise you is how little of the modern car is made by the manufacturer. BMW parts, for instance, are sourced from a variety of different companies that create automotive products. The actual company of BMW does much less of the actual car engineering than you might have believed. It mainly deals with the design, assembly, and marketing of the vehicles.

The story is the same with most other car manufacturers as well. In this article, we’ll take a look at where BMW parts come from.


One of the most important functions of a car is stopping! There’s no point in being able to drive forward if you can’t control where you end up!

That’s why BMW parts for the car’s stopping system are sourced from one of the premier brake manufacturers in the world, Brembo. The brake calipers and rotors that Brembo makes are respected throughout the performance car industry for their massive stopping power. They are even used in very high-end supercars like Porsches and Ferraris.


Another crucial part of a vehicle’s functionality is turning. The majority of all of the components involved in bringing a BMW car’s handling to life are made by the company Thyssenkrupp.

These parts include your shock absorbers, which ensure that you don’t feel every little bump on the road. They also make the steering column that transmits your wheel turns to the front wheels’ rotation. 

Johnson Electric

One of the best things that ever happened to cars was climate control. Now, your travels are no longer at the mercy of Mother Nature. No matter whether it’s raining or shining, freezing or Death Vally-esque, you can still drive to your destination in comfort.

Johnson Electric is the manufacturer responsible for most of the heating and cooling units that are in BMW vehicles. This includes parts like the heater core (which heats up the air to be passed into the car), as well as ventilation systems that blow the air in. On the cooling side of the car, you have an A/C compressor that collects and cools air for the interior cabin.

BMW Parts Come From All Over

There you have it — now that you know how BMW parts come from all over, you have a much better understanding of how your vehicle is manufactured and assembled. There are so many different companies beyond BMW that bring one of their vehicles to life.

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