When Used Is Best: A Teen’s Guide To Buying A Car For The First Time

teenager on street

Buying a car for the first time is an exciting step toward independence and freedom for teenagers. However, given the odds that young drivers will have an accident within a few years, a new car may not be ideal. To learn more about tips and tricks for buying your first car, check out this helpful guide!

Choose a Car That Offers the Right Amount of Protection

While many teens may have a firm idea of what car they want, you should make sure it is as safe as possible. Larger vehicles may be too hard for rookie drivers to control while smaller cars offer less protection in a car crash. As such, a mid-size vehicle will likely provide the best fit for a teen driver.

You should also make sure that whatever car you buy comes with the proper safety features. These features include vehicle stability control as well as having front and side airbags. You should also check that the vehicle you buy has a high crash rating.

Should You Buy a New Car or a Used Car for Your Teenager?

When thinking about buying your teen’s first car, you should think about whether a new or used car is best. There are several aspects to both options to consider before making your choice.

A brand new car comes with the latest safety features and offers your teen modern comfort and conveniences while driving. It also comes with the latest tech, such as rear-view cameras, tire pressure sensors, and collision detectors. However, a new car will not only cost more upfront to buy, but the insurance costs will also be much greater.

One of the great advantages of buying a used car is that minor scrapes and damage is not as big of a deal. Since teens are very likely to make mistakes while driving, this logic is very appealing. If you buy the right make and model, used cars can also be easily maintained and kept in working order.

However, the safety features on older cars are much less effective than new cars. A perfect safety rating from several years ago means much less under current industry standards.

Do Your Due Diligence Before Making Your Final Decision

When buying a gently or thoroughly used car, you should always make sure to check the mileage. If the mileage happens to be under 100,000, there is a good chance that the original manufacturer’s warranties are still valid. This can save you a lot of time and trouble if the car needs to be repaired.

You should also make sure to buy a car with a thorough record of maintenance. Even if the car has a lot of miles on it, being well-taken care of is much more important. A car with low mileage that has been badly maintained will not keep your teen safe on the road.

When Buying a Car for the First Time, Do Your Research

Buying a car for the first time can seem overwhelming. As long as you take the time and consider all your options, your teen will be safe on the road. Check out our website today for more articles like this!