Own That Ride: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Modern Convertible for Your Personality

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Are you looking for the right car to suit your personality?

Investing in a car takes a considerable amount of thought and planning. Cars aren’t as affordable as they once were, so it’s paramount to do some research to help you recognize which car you’re looking for. Careful planning helps you avoid losing too much in your investment as you find out the car you chose isn’t the right fit for you.

If you’re having trouble deciding which type of car suits you best, then you should default to the best cars, convertibles. A convertible is fast, reliable, customizable, and stylish. It has a little bit of everything for anyone who gets themselves one of these cars.

However, these cars tend to have a lot of different customization options available. Read what’s below to know what to look for when going car shopping.

1. Different Kinds of Convertible Cars

The first thing you should consider when buying a convertible is knowing which kind will suit your purposes best. Here is a small list of the 3 basic types grouping these cars.


This group of sports cars often find themselves having no more than 2 seats to accommodate riders. This is because having more people on board will defeat the main purpose of roadsters. Their main purpose, of course, going as fast as the drivers want, as you can tell by their name.

Because of their main function, roadsters often focus on enhancing performance than increasing user convenience. This makes it have less trunk space, have a less than desirable interior, and make it lay low towards the ground. The last bit may make it difficult to enter or exit the vehicle.

What it lacks in convenience, it makes up for with speed, though. If you have a speed craving to satisfy, you should pick yourself up a roadster. The roar of the engine will be sure to sound like music to your ears.

Open Air Cars

Being a direct opposite to roadsters, these cars have a more accommodating interior and a much quieter engine. These cars also have more than 2 seats this time around. The main reason being that these cars are more for sharing the sports car experience with others.

They’re much more durable cars too. These are often the choice for people who look to make regular use of their car upon purchase. The sizeable trunk space you’ll have with these cars also support the thought of carrying a large load.

If you’re thinking of practicality or driving long distances. Choosing these cars will not only allow you to do that but also allow you to experience an open-air driving experience.

Upscale and Luxury Cars

If the previous types were about speed and practicality, then these are about comfort. Because of this, they tend to be more expensive than the other cars mentioned above. You’ll learn the price is right for what these cars provide though, sooner or later.

When it comes to engine power, these sit between open-air cars and roadsters, nothing to write home about. What they specialize in though is the luxury drivers didn’t know they wanted to experience.

Cars in this group have features specific only to this line of cars. This includes neck warmers in the headrest and the iconic retractable roof. This doesn’t mean these cars are all about cool features though.

It’s the goal of cars in this group to combine power, comfort, and style. Not only will a car from this group look like one of the coolest cars of the year, but it can also compete with them when it comes down to a good old-fashioned street race.

2. What Features You Should Look for

As mentioned above, the best convertibles are the ones you can personalize yourself. Knowing the nature of these cars though, you’ll have no problem in this area. Though it’s worth noting there are only a few features worth getting for your car.

For example, the car’s drive wheels should be one of your priorities. This will help you mold your experience in riding one of these cars. Having a front-wheel-drive allows for a better long-road drive while rear-wheel drive allows for a faster driving experience for roadsters and the like.

Your trunk storage will also be vital if you plan on getting a car with a retractable roof. A soft roof will need less space when you’re folding it in, so there’s no need for much trunk space. A hard roof will need a lot of trunk space though.

The features you should be active in looking for, though, are the safety features. Most modern cars often have safety features built-in by default. If the car you want doesn’t have any, though, you can invest in having them installed instead.

The installation doesn’t come cheap though. They come at quite the price and is even comparable to buying a new car. This depends on what features you want to have installed though.

3. Buying Old Vs Buying New

You can interpret this in 2 ways. This can either mean you’re debating on whether to buy a new car or go for a used one. It can also mean whether you’re deciding between classic or modern cars.

There are benefits for going either way in both scenarios.

First, let’s tackle buying new vs used. The main benefit of buying old ones is the cheaper costs regardless of the model. This can be a great boon for you if the car you plan on buying has a high base price.

New cars become handy if you can’t give the benefit of the doubt to the old car. While a new car can be more expensive, there’s no chance you need to replace any part of it. This may make it a better investment in the long run.

Meanwhile, classic cars have the advantage of having stronger engines. This depends on the date they got manufactured. In the case of modern cars though, the engines may be weaker but they tend to have more features.

For example, the Pontiac Solstice sports hardware which classic cars may never get to use. Read more about it here and learn about the advantage modern cars have.

Buy the Convertible That Suits You

A convertible is a serious investment and it’s important to buy the right one for you. With the help of this guide, you’ll have no doubts in your mind after buying your own. Read up and buy the best convertible sports car today!

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