A Need For Speed: 5 of the Fastest RC Cars

the Fastest RC Cars

Very few things can beat the excitement of racing a fast car. 

Before they are able to drive themselves, kids loved to race RC cars around. They race and crash and run them around, eager to experience the real thrill.

With some of the fastest RC cars around, kids can get a real grip with speed and excitement.

Which ones edge out on top? Read on to learn more.

The Joy of RC Cars

Remote control cars, or RC cars, have come a long way in the past few decades. Gone are the days of clunky cars with cheap batteries.

These days, companies build RC cars for speed and performance. Their motors are top of the lines. Often, the best of them even resemble the most glamorous of sports car.

RC cars inspire an early love of driving and cars. They are not only fantastic toys and gifts but a great gateway to a lifelong passion for vehicles of all sorts.

The Top 5 Fastest RC Cars

These cars have speed in spades. They excel in performance and power. 

While this list may not be the end all, be all of RC cars, these 5 will not disappoint in regards to getting the most speed for your dollar.

1. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

Redcat is a company known for giving a quality performance on a budget. 

The EPX is a great entry for both a solid RC car and also a great intro into the more in-depth RC car hobby. The customization of the car is significant for the price.

It has a solid transmission and a body of polycarbonate.

2. 1/14 Bugatti Veyron

One of the most perfect replicas of the cars they mimic. The RC version of the Bugatti Veyron is sleek and powerful.

It is capable of hitting speeds of 15 MPH on most any surface. It also comes with workable head and tail lights.

3. Traxxas RTR Rustler

Traxxas is a long-standing company in the RC business. The Rustler is a great example of why they excel.

Capable of reaching intense speeds of over 35 MPH, the Rustler has speed while maintaining durability. Every part is interchangeable, making it easy to keep it up and running for a long time.

4. Tamiya The Grasshopper

Tamiya is a maker of quality classics. The Grasshopper is a classic RC car revamped for a new generation, fueling both nostalgia and fun.

The Grasshopper, while lacking in overall speed, excels at stunt jumps and gravel. The frame is durable and open to customization.

5. Holy Stone’s Lamborghini Veneno

For a true, authentic driving experience, Holy Stone has recreated the never released Lamborghini Veneno.

The controller acts like an actual gear shift, giving a fun driving experience. The car itself has a sleek mix of style and long last battery that gives it a nice edge on most of the market. 

Keeping Your RC Cars Running

No matter how fast your cars are, they can’t outrun wear and tear. 

Maintaining your RC cars can be an involved process. When the parts start to break, or if you are ready to customize your machines for more power and speed, you need to find someone who can get you back on the road.

Businesses like Arrma RC Car Parts do well to give you easy access to any part you would need to keep your car up to speed.

A Need for Speed

Racing the fastest RC cars can give you a powerful thrill. Meanwhile, the hobby of RC car care can lead to a rewarding desire to fix and maintain real cars.

For when your life-size car needs help getting back on the road, Auto-Facts.org can help you find the answer you need