Forever Ford: What Are the Best Selling Ford Vehicles of All Time?

best selling ford vehicles

In 2017, Ford profited 7.6 billion dollars.

Ranking fifth worldwide as the most valuable car brand the name Ford sparks American pride in most Americans. Their commercials and catchphrases are familiar to any family that considers buying a car. 

But what are the best-selling Ford vehicles of all time? In this article, we’ll review the Ford car models that emerged as some of the greatest and hint at some newer models on the way.

The History of Ford

In 1903, Henry Ford began Ford Motors after experimenting with building cars in his own home. He reached out to 11 investors and five years after he launched his car, the Model T. In addition to the Model T, he developed the first US assembly line to meet demands for this innovative product. The rest is history.

Ford Motors hasn’t rested since. Continuing mass producing and developing the latest technology, they aim to meet and exceed customer’s expectations and maintain their image in the industry. That even includes phasing out products that no longer appeal to customers and working to create better vehicles to meet their needs.

In 2012, Ford assembled its 350 millionth car since the start of the company in 1903.

Best-Selling Ford Vehicles 

Let’s take a drive down memory lane and look at best Ford cars that were built.

Ford Explorer

Driving onto the scene in 1990, the Explorer boasted more a truck-like appearance. In 2011, it received a face-life and resemblance of a crossover. It’s evolved to a family-friendly SUV for those that are anti-minivan and continues to pull in billions of dollars from consumers. 

Ford Escape

The Escape is the little sibling of the Explorer. Sharing their SUV/crossover characteristics, the Escape gets high marks for fuel economy, while being aware that offroading isn’t for everyone. The Escape also entered a time of transition from truck-like to crossover.

In 2013, developers worked on having the Escape be more ‘green’ to appeal to consumers. They outfitted the crossover with EcoBoost engine and eco-friendly seating. 

Ford F-Series

In 2018, Ford sold close to over 900,000 F-Series. Sales from the initial release in 1948 of the F-Series totals over 40 million with other series sprinkled in that total. This makes it one of the best Ford cars.

The F-Series appealed (still does!) to a consumer base that needed to accomplish heavy-duty work. It’s a powerhouse that always pleases people today. 

Ford Taurus

When you think of a family car, the Taurus should come to mind. Created in 1986, it quickly became a fast-selling vehicle and met the needs of American families everywhere. While it has undergone plenty of makeovers and reshaped, it continued to chug along as a prime choice for a family car.

It’s impressive run came to a close when in 2018 Ford announced its desire to focus on SUVs and trucks, therefore, discontinuing the Taurus. 

Ford Mustang

The Mustang is probably one of the most recognizable sports cars in the world. 

Known as a muscle car, love for the Mustang multiplied due to its powerful horsepower and good looks. Even though sales have consistently been through the roof, the 70s, 80s, and 90s were especially good years for the Mustang. Its image has met each generation’s style and doesn’t plan on retiring, thus becoming a muscle-car legend.

Ford Transit

If you’ve got a ton of people to haul around, the Transit was (and is) your friend. Since 1965 this utility van is recognizable because of lack of windows and its ability to accommodate a high number of passengers – 15 to be exact! It’s changed from a more industrial look to a modern, refined appearance.

Ford Fiesta

It’s a party – overseas that is! The Ford Fiesta was more of a celebration in Europe than the United States. Born in 1976, it found favor in the U.K. and solidifying the status as its best-selling car ever there. Here in the United States, the Fiesta is more of a party pooper, not selling more than 50,000 a year. 

Ford Escort

The Escort saw much of its popularity in Europe and was one of the small Ford cars. During its life, it sold a total of 18 million overseas. In 2002, Ford discontinued making the Escort and the Focus took over. 

Ford Focus

The Focus also got its start in Europe taking the place of the Ford Escort in 1998. It quickly rose to fame, especially in China. It established itself as the most popular car in the world selling 1 million vehicles during that time. 

Ford Model-T

The first Ford on the road deserves a spot on the list. From 1908-1927 over 16 million were sold. Much of the success of the Model-T is contributed to Henry Ford and his development of the assembly line. Some people call it one of the most important cars ever made.

The Future of Ford

We did a little digging to find out more about what Ford holds for the future. 

Ford is continuing its advancements in finding environmentally-friendly ways to build and sustain their cars. They’re working on creating a customer experience that goes well beyond their need to use a vehicle merely for practicality. Even with ups and downs, the company is still working its way into the driveways of many Americans.

Ford: A Long-Standing Company

Throughout the years, Ford vehicles have show stability, reliability, and popularity, not just here in the United States, but across the world. If you’re looking for a car with a company that looks to the future, you can’t go wrong with a Ford.

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