GTCR8TV: Creative and Funny License Plate Ideas

Funny License Plate Ideas

Are you looking for cool and creative license plate ideas?

License plates are somewhat of a blank canvass for the road. Many people use them in different ways when it comes to art. Some people transform these pieces of metal into pieces of art while other people use them as mediums for their humor or creativity.

Having a funny license plate is a great idea when you’re off on the road. Whether it’s for an inside joke with your friends or to give other drivers a laugh, the best vanity plates have a ring to it and are funny no matter how you look at it.

Have a look at these creative license plates and draw inspiration from them. Design your own license plate now and grab the attention of other people on the road today.

1. WYD

Short for “What’re you doing”, this type of license plate is best for asking the people driving in front and behind you what they’re up to. This is a great way to keep the people you’re driving with alert, as thinking wondering about answers to questions helps them keeps their wits about them.

2. U UP

Speaking of keeping people alert, this license plate works as a text message when it’s late in the night. These kinds of plates can become a parody of that if used in the same spirit. The only difference is that you don’t need to take out your phone to ask other motorists the question.


Want to remind your fellow motorists to keep off their phones?

Use a license plate that follows the same spirit as this one. This is a great and creative way to let people know that the road is more important than what’s on their phones. Safety should be the number one priority, and this will help people remember that.


Nothing gives fellow drivers a good chuckle like a license plate that both lifts and places suspicion on you.

People enjoy a little bit of contradictory humor. This becomes even more apparent when people are on the road for a long time, letting out a small laugh without even noticing it.


There is a small chance that your personalized license plate ideas haven’t appeared before. So, you may as well embrace the unoriginality and let other people know about it too. You can also use other words such as “ALRDY TKN” to convey that you’re already fresh out of ideas to other motorists.


Make yourself a pirate of the concrete seas by using pirate-themed license plates. Everyone has had a dream about sailing the high seas at one point in their lives. This way, you can at least come close to the experience.

This will turn your vehicle into a pirate ship if you believe enough. You may even inspire other drivers to use their imaginations as well. It only takes one person to start a trend, after all.


This kind of license plate can make people think two things about you. The first thought would be a funny one. People may think that you haven’t renewed your plates for the longest time that they’ve taken it on themselves to tell others that they’re well past their date.

Otherwise, you may terrify others as your plates have become invalid over time.

8. 2FST4U

Ever want to show off to other people? This license plate may present you with the opportunity to do so. Anybody behind you would read it and think you’re referring to them.

You can use this to awaken the sense of competition in others. This will keep them more alert as they mind their surroundings more than usual.


Other people may find that taunting is another way for them to get a laugh. If you’re one of those people, then this is the perfect kind of plate for you. There is no better feeling than letting other people know how bad their driving is.

Some may take offense, but that only means they have issues. Most people will have a small chuckle upon reading your plate.


This one is for those who fancy themselves as a technological whiz. If you want to let people know about your prowess with technology without pulling over, then you may want this license plate to be yours. This kind of plate works best when you have gizmos and gadgets added onto your car.


Do you ever feel bad for cutting off someone when you’re merging? If so, then you’re going to want this as your plate. These are the best kind of custom license plate ideas for many reasons.

For one, they’re not aggressive in any way. In fact, they’re the complete opposite of that. They offer some peace for any possible offense you’ve done to the other motorists.


What’s a better way to disguise yourself than by misleading people with the truth? Having a plate telling people that you’re Batman may lead them to believe that you’re not. These plates allow you to drive up the road at night while concealing your real identity.


The best thing about this Marvel-inspired plate is that it can mean anything you want it to mean. The beauty of the fictional language is that their entire vocabulary is only made up of the three words I, Am, and Groot.


Are you worried about other people damaging your car?

Have people always know about the actions you’re willing to take with this kind of license plate. This allows you to drive with caution while letting others know that they should take some precautionary measures when they approach you.

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