8 Cool Truck Mods You’ll Wish You Had Added Sooner

cool truck mods

If you’re an American, there’s a good chance you love a good truck. And even if you don’t drive one, you probably know someone who does.

Trucks provide all sorts of fun, but sometimes you have to pass on some bells and whistles so your new ride will fit into your budget. Luckily, there are plenty of modifications you can make on your own later.

Are you ready to add some fun elements to your truck? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for eight cool truck mods you’ll want to try ASAP.

1. BedRug Bed Liner

If you’re looking to protect the bed or your truck, look no further than BedRug. This unique truly protects your truck bed, while other liners are still susceptible to allowing wear and tear.

With the feel and look of carpet, the BedRug bed liner gives your bed a grip that the metal doesn’t provide. But it can still be treated and cleaned as if it were metal.

Haul your bike, dirt, animals, whatever. All you’ll need to clean it out is a vacuum, some water, or a broom. While this accessory runs a bit pricey, it’s totally worth the extra cash.

2. Roof Rack

If there are items you want to keep with you on a regular basis, consider adding a roof rack to your truck. This keeps your items out of your cab or bed.

You can add just about anything to a roof rack. If you want your kayak for your weekend adventure, throw that baby on there. Or you may just want to keep your bigger tools out of the way. They can go up there too.

This truck modification increases your storage space and leaves more room inside for you.

3. Pickup Bed Drawers

If you’re looking to add a lot more storage, consider adding drawers to the bed of your truck. These drawers take up space in your truck bed, but they also leave room for storage on top. This amps up your ability to haul and store!

You can choose from one to three drawers that run the length of your bed. Or, you can add dividers, essentially turning your large drawers into lots of smaller ones.

This company offers several pickup bed drawers. Check them out!

4. Bed Extender

Sometimes your truck bed just may not be enough. If that’s the case, a bed extender may be one of your favorite truck bed mods.

Are your bikes just too big? A bed extender will let you use the full length of the bed and tailgate to hold them in.

You could just leave the tailgate down and hope everything’s strapped in well. But a bed extender adds greater security. Make sure your stuff won’t end up on the highway by adding one to your ride.

5. Tires

Tires are one of the more noticeable truck modifications you can implement. They really make a difference in your truck’s overall appearance.

Do you like huge monster trucks that really stand out? Or do you prefer tires that are designed to get the job done, no matter how tough the job is?

Whatever your preference, there’s a tire out there to meet your needs and desires.

6. Husky Liners X-Act Contour Floor Liners

You’ll love these floor liners, especially if you tend to bring kids and dogs in your truck. What’s so great about them? Their shape and groove.

Unlike carpeted floor liners, these lines keep spilled liquids contained, thanks to raised edges. And grooves places throughout the mat keep your shoes above the mess.

You won’t have to worry about accidentally knocking your Coke over. No carpets will be damaged, and the bottoms of your shoes won’t even get sticky or wet!

7. Cold Air Intake

Your truck came with an intake system, but giving it an upgrade is worth your time and money! A new intake can really help your engine perform better, and even increase its power a little bit.

If you’re looking a powerful modification that won’t cost you too much, this is a great place to start. To really amp up your truck’s performance, combine a new cold air intake with an upgraded exhaust system!

8. Truck Bed Light

Chances are, you’d like to use your truck any time of day. Make nighttime use easier by adding a bed light.

The battery-powered truck bed light from Truxedo is perfect for your late night adventures and work.

Do you need something out of your cooler? Did you leave something in the bed? Instead of worrying about finding your things in the dark or juggling them with a flashlight, install a bed light.

If you’ve got a cover on your truck bed, you may just bunk there for the night. If you do, a bed light will help you rearrange anything that’s in your way.

Try These Cool Truck Mods Today

With how many people love trucks, it’s no surprise that there are so many cool truck mods out there to try. There’s plenty to choose from, so start doing your research.

While your truck likely came with everything it needed when you purchased it, you may want to step up your game. Whether the modifications you’re looking to make are practical or solely for fun, you’ll love adding them to your ride.

Are you looking for even more ways to customize your truck? Check out our article on adding decals to your ride.