Jeep Customization 101: How to Apply Car Decals

how to apply car decals

Jeep sales have been increasing dramatically with more Wrangles sold in the first quarter of 2018 than ever before and it’s easy to see why. With their rugged exterior and high chassis, driving one makes you feel like you’re the king of the road. Plus how many other cars can be driven with no doors in the summertime?

The problem with this spike in popularity? Suddenly, there’s competition for the crown. So how do you make your Jeep stand out in the crowd?

Swapping your regular tired for oversized tired is one option. While running bigger tires looks awesome, it’s a fairly expensive way to upgrade your vehicle. Not to mention, a bit unnecessary if you never take it off-road.

A more affordable, way of making your Jeep look unique is with custom vinyl graphics. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to apply car decals at home.

How to Apply Car Decals

Once you’ve picked the perfect Jeep hood stickers, you’ll need a wetting agent and a sheltered area. The best place to affix your decal is a well-ventilated garage. Don’t work anywhere that is in the direct sun or where the wind can ruin your decal.

You can purchase a wetting agent from an auto body store or make your own with rubbing alcohol, dish detergent and a bit of water.

Clean the Area Where the Decal Will Be Placed

You want the decal to stick to your car, not the dirt that’s on your car. Wash your car with soapy water or a power washer to remove any small bit of dirt. Wipe it down with a chamois or other soft cloth. Wait until the car is completely dry before you start installing the decal.

Peel and Stick Method

The peel and stick method is best for small decals.

Begin by preparing your decal by using your wetting agent. Use a squeegee or spray bottle to cover the decal with the wetting agent. This is to make it easier to remove the protective wax paper.

Once you’ve prepared the surface of your vehicle and wet your decal, remove the wax paper making sure that you don’t tangle the decal. Carefully apply it to the surface working slowly from one side to the other. Be sure to watch for any air bubbles during this process.

Finally, remove the tape backing that is covering the decal. Do this slowly to make sure that you’re not pulling back or damaging your design.

The Half-and-Half Method

Use this method if you’ve chosen a larger decal for your Jeep. For the most part, the process is the same but requires a little more patience so you can make sure that your decal is in the right place. With this method, you’ll apply the decal in two stages instead of all at once.

Again, you need to start by wetting the decal. Next, you’ll want to spray the area with your wetting agent. This gives you some flexibility when you’re placing the decal. Remove part of the wax paper and then use your squeegee to apply the first part of the graphic. Double check for any air bubbles as you apply the graphic to the Jeep.

Continue this process for the other half of the decal. Finish by peeling off the application tape starting from one corner of the design

Customizing Your Jeep is That Easy

Learning how to apply car decals is just that easy. With a bit of patience and an awesome design, your Jeep will be king of the road again in no time.

If you’re looking into doing some more extensive DIY work on your Jeep, we’ve got you covered with guides on DIY repairs and more.