8 6th Generation Camaro Parts Every Enthusiast Should Have

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Chances are if you have driven, bicycled, or walked anywhere in the past 24 hours, you probably saw a decent amount of 2016 to 2018 Camaro’s.

These cars have exploded in popularity, they have even been on the big screen in almost every installment of the Transformers franchise. They’re awesome cars that pack a major punch. But with so many of them out on the road, you may find yourself wanting to stand out from the crowd that much more.

Customizing your 2016 and 2017 Camaro parts can help make your Camaro that much more of a standout. But where do you start? Will you be able to do these upgrades by yourself? How expensive is it to upgrade your 6th gen Camaro parts?

If you’re ready for an upgrade, keep reading. Check out these 8 6th generation Camaro parts to answer your questions and make your ride stand out on the road and garage.

1. Camaro SS Front Splitter With Winglets – SS Replica

Available in many colors and finishes, front splitters are the perfect way to make your Camaro look more like a race car and add some serious style points.

For the more casual drivers, this is a subtle, but cool, addition to your ride that will make you look like you can handle yourself on the track. And it will definitely impress fellow car enthusiasts.

Drivers that do take their car on the track will benefit from major downforce on the front end to get in and out of turns at high speeds. It’s an absolute must for fast and efficient driving on the track.

Added bonus: installing this upgrade won’t damage any part of your Camaro’s body. It is specifically designed to maintain the original value of your car, even if you decide to remove it down the line.

2. Light Blackout Kit

You know what goes perfectly with a new front splitter? A blacked out light kit.

These kits come in a variety of different thicknesses and options for how dark you want your lights to be. They also come in pieces and parts so you can completely customize which lights and reflectors have a smokey tint to them.

This is a must-have upgrade if your Camaro is red, black, white, or yellow. But don’t worry. They really look amazing on any color and give your car that extra cool factor.

If all of that isn’t reason enough to buy these right now, these kits are also incredibly easy to apply to your lights yourself. And they are just as easily removed to return your car to looking just as if it came off the factory line yesterday.

3. Visor Warning Label Covers

Do you sit down in the driver’s seat of your Camaro only to have the first thing you see be the unsightly warning label on your visor? Not anymore.

Adding this simple, yet effective, upgrade to your car’s interior will go a long way for serious Camaro fans. Just by applying this visor cover, you can instantly make the interior of your car look sleek, deliberate, and custom.

This is by far the easiest of the Camaro parts to install by yourself and will not damage the visor if you ever choose to remove it. And this upgrade is such a simple way to impress your future passengers.

4. V6 Magnaflow Competition Series Exhaust 19332

On the opposite side of the price spectrum from the warning label covers, this exhaust system is a serious upgrade to your Camaro.

If you’re looking to make your ride look better, sound better, and perform better, stop everything and take a look into this system. Geared more towards the driver who races on the track versus racing down the street, this exhaust system is truly fit for a king.

Magnaflow uses an almost all stainless steel construction in this system, far superior to those that use fiberglass. So you know it’s also going to keep your car purring like a (loud) kitten for a lifetime.

If just adding this beautiful new exhaust isn’t flashy enough, why not throw in a wild, chrome header to your list of 6th generation Camaro parts to put your upgrades over the top?

If you’re ready to lay down some cash for your Camaro upgrade, this system is the way to go.

5. Custom Floor Mats

While these may just seem like another go-to fathers day gift, custom floor mats for your Camaro are an essential upgrade.

Not only do they look great inside your car, but they also help protect the flooring from the perils of dirt, mud, rain, snow, you name it.

Custom floor mats can be as simple as just matching your Camaro’s carpet or become as ornate as you want. With custom lettering, vintage Camaro logos, and an array of different colors and materials, the options are endless.

Plus, the investment in saving the flooring of your Camaro is well worth the small price tag. You can avoid ever having to change the car carpet in your upgraded Camaro.

6. Sport Stripe Kit

Looking to really go all out and make a statement? Add a vinyl or painted on racing stripe to your 2016-2018 Camaro parts upgrade list.

These will ensure that you turn heads as you fly down the street or around the track.

Vinyl racing stripes can be applied at home, but you may need some help from close friends. The painted version should be applied by a professional body shop.

Available in a wide array of colors, you can add a stripe or two to your fenders, hood, sides, or everywhere to really make other drivers jealous.

These 6th gen Camaro parts aren’t easily removed. So if your goal is to re-sell or maintain the original factory value of your car, be sure to put plenty of thought in before adding these statement pieces.

7. Custom Hood Plates

Only for the true Camaro enthusiasts.

A custom hood plate isn’t an upgrade that will catch anyone’s eye as you are driving. It will, however, show everyone in the garage or the car show that you mean business.

Available in the signature red, white, and blue, or unfinished so you can match the paint color of your Camaro, this upgrade is one of the best 6th generation Camaro parts you can purchase to show your dedication to all things Camaro.

They are easy to install and they don’t break the bank. Installing a custom hood plate is an excellent way to clean up the look of everything under the hood and attract the entire car show crowd to gaze in awe of your ride.

8. Camaro Car Cover

It only seems fitting that the final part we think you should buy for your Camaro is a car cover. A car cover will protect all of the hard work and money you have put into your dream car.

Car covers come in a variety of different materials for a variety of different environments.

Stretchy satin car covers are perfect for when you are storing your car indoors. They are perfectly fitted to your Camaro and keep out unwanted dust, moisture, as well as allowing a light breathability. The underside of these covers have an almost microfiber type cloth in them that keeps your Camaro’s sheen even under the covers.

More durable covers are also available to protect your 6th Generation Camaro from all of the harsh elements of being outside year round. From the intense sunshine of the southwest to the brutal winters of the northeast, heavy-duty car covers should be on your list of “must haves” for your 6th gen Camaro parts.

Protect your investment by covering it when you’re not using it.

Camaro Parts That Give You An Instant Upgrade

Camaro’s are fun cars and come with a deep history. The process of upgrading your Camaro parts should be just as fun, if not more fun, as driving it around town or around the race track.

Through customizing every detail of all your Camaro parts, from floor mats to more advanced upgrades like a new engine or cooling system, you can take this mass-produced muscle car and make it your very own tricked-out whip.

Having trouble fixing up your Camaro on your own? Contact us and check out our site for everything you need to know about taking care of your baby with wheels. We’ve got virtually any repair manual you need.

Take control of your Camaro’s upgrades all from the comfort of your own garage. And keep up to date on everything automotive related by following our blog.