The Top Benefits of Spray On Bedliner

spray on bedliner

Pickup trucks have become some of the most popular vehicles on the road today. There were almost 900,000 Ford F-Series trucks sold in 2017 alone, and there are also a range of other pickups, like the Chevrolet Silverado, that are selling quicker than ever these days.

If you purchased a pickup truck recently and you want it to last for as long as possible, you should consider using a spray on bedliner on it. Spray-on bedliners are protective coatings placed inside of truck beds that prevent items from moving around when they’re sitting in the back of your truck.

There are so many advantages you will get to enjoy when you have a spray-on bedliner. Take a look at several of the biggest benefits of having one below.

A Spray On Bedliner Will Provide You With a Custom Fit

When you’re looking for a bedliner for your pickup truck, you will have several options. In addition to purchasing a spray-on bedliner, you can also purchase a:

  • Drop-in bedliner
  • Carpet bedliner

The problem with those two options is that they will come in predetermined sizes. And if you they don’t fit snugly inside the bed of your truck? You’re out of luck.

You won’t ever have to worry about that with a spray on bedliner. Spray-on bedliners can be made to fit your specific truck.

Whether you have an extra large pickup truck or something on the smaller side, your spray-on bedliner will fit it perfectly.

It Will Never Move When You’re Driving

Outside of the size issue, one of the other drawbacks of using a drop-in bedliner or carpet bedliner is that both will often move around when you’re driving your truck. Your liner can shift anytime you take a turn or hit a big bump.

When a drop-in or carpet bedliner shifts, it can scratch the paint underneath and bring down the value of your pickup truck over time. It can also make it look unsightly.

When you have a spray on bedliner, it won’t ever move around when you’re driving. It will stay put, which will protect both your truck and whatever it is you have on top of the liner. This will help you avoid scratches and other abrasions on your truck.

Additionally, a spray-on bedliner will form a tight seal with your truck bed surface. That will prevent water from working its way under your bedliner and causing problems.

Bottom line: You won’t ever have to think about having your pickup truck’s bed repaired when you use a spray-on bedliner.

It Will Improve the Appearance of Your Pickup Truck

When you spend a lot of money to purchase a pickup truck, you want to make sure it always looks its best. Your pickup truck will look great when you have a spray on bedliner installed.

For starters, spray on bedliners for pickup trucks will protect them and stop scratches from ruining the surface of them. But they’ll do more than just that.

While most other kinds of bedliners come in a standard black color, you can find spray-on bedliners in many different colors. You can find a color that matches your truck’s paint perfectly–or go with a color that is different from your truck.

The choice is yours when you go to choose the color for your spray-on bedliner.

It Will Give You All the Space You Need in Your Truckbed

There are some pickup truck bedliners that will take up space once you get them into place in the back of a truck. You will find that you can’t fit as many items into your truck when you put a drop-in bedliners in it.

That won’t be an issue in the slightest with a spray on bedliner like the Speedliner 1000. Spray-on bedliners are made to take up as little room as possible.

In fact, you probably won’t even feel like you have anything in the back of your truck at all once your bedliner is installed. A spray-on bedliner will give you all the protection that you and your truck needs while minimizing the space it cuts into while doing it.

It Won’t Require Much Maintenance at All

If you choose not to install a bedliner in your pickup truck, you will need to do maintenance on it from time to time. You will need to fix scratches and chips and potentially even do some repainting in the truck bed at some point.

When you use spray on bedliners for pickup trucks, just about all of the maintenance you would normally have to do to your truck will disappear. You will be able to spend more time driving your truck around and using it and less time maintaining it.

It Will Make It Easy to Sell Your Truck One Day

You might not be thinking about selling your pickup truck right now. But one day, you will want to do it, and you’ll be glad you have a spray-on bedliner when you do.

A custom bedliner is an attractive selling feature that will allow you to sell your truck for more money when you put it up for sale. It will also show that you were committed to taking care of your truck.

While you will have to make a small investment on your spray on bedliner in the short term, it will likely pay off for you in a big way in the end. Once people see the time you took to protect your truck’s bedliner, they will be tripping over themselves to make you an offer.

You just won’t get the same kind of reaction from buyers when you decide to go with any other kind of bedliner.

Start Taking Better Care of Your Pickup Truck

Adding a spray on bedliner to your pickup truck is one way to maintain it better. There are also other things you can do to provide your vehicle with more protection.

Check out our blog if you’re interested in learning more about taking the right auto repair and maintenance steps.