What You Need To Do After You’re The Victim Of A Hit And Run Accident

hit and run

No one ever thinks they’ll be the victim of an accident. But as the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety points out, that doesn’t stop 1,500 fatal hit and run accidents from occurring each year.

That same study points out that 11 percent of crashes involve a driver fleeing the scene. Still believe it can’t happen to you? The figures don’t lie.

An accident can leave you scared, dazed, and unable to cope. But knowing what to do in a tricky situation is one of the best ways to stay calm during a troubling situation.

Here are some quick tips on what to do if you find yourself in a hit and run accident.

1. Get Checked Out

Even if your hit and run collision was a low-impact accident, you may have still suffered damage. Visit the hospital, even if you feel fine.

Certain injuries, like concussions, aren’t always as easy to detect as you’d think. Other serious cases, like broken bones or crushed limbs, may require extensive surgery.

Furthermore, having the details will help speed along the insurance process, making it easier for both customer and provider.

2. Contact The Police

It should really go without saying, but the police should always be contacted after an accident. It may be tempting to simply head straight to the hospital after the accident, but it’s pertinent that you remain at the scene.

You (or someone with you at the scene) should move to a safe area and call the police immediately. Inform them of the accident and give them your location.

You may also want to follow up with the police a few weeks after the accident. Your insurance provider may require documents like a police report.

3. Recount As Many Details As Possible

Understandably, you’re not going to remember every single detail of the other driver in the accident. You may not have even seen the person.

But the more details you can provide the authorities, the easier it’ll be for them to find the perpetrator. Try and recall as many details as possible.

For instance, did they run a red light? Did you have right of way? What kind of car were they driving (including make and model)? Did you get a look at their license plate?

A lot of these details may seem fairly inane, but every bit of information helps.

4. Contact A Lawyer

Finally, you’ll likely want to contact a lawyer. Be it mental or physical, you likely suffered damage, and you deserve compensation.

Head online and find a strong, reputable firm like Burman Law personal injury attorney. Your lawyer will fight tooth and nail for you to get you what you deserve.

Final Thoughts On What To Do After A Hit And Run

Hit and run accidents are terrifying, but you can prevent further damage by following these tips. Make sure a doctor checks you out, contact the police, try and remember details, and lawyer up.

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