The 5 Best Top Gear Moments of All Time

best top gear moments

Top Gear is a TV show that has captivated audiences with its charm, hijinx, and information.

On the surface, it’s a show about cars.

However, the heart of the show revolves around the personality of the three hosts and their natural chemistry with each other. The show has enough of a mix of quirk, entertainment, and information to draw in great viewership.

If you’ve never watched Top Gear before, you’re in for a treat.

What Are the Best Top Gear Moments?

In order to make the most of watching this show, you’ll want to see which of the best Top Gear moments jump out when it comes to quality television. The five key moments explained are a good primer if you’re looking to skip around and watch episodes that will be wildly entertaining.

1. The British Humor and Shots at America

Depending on the moment, you’ll get the chance to laugh at a shot ‘heard round the world, when one of the co-hosts takes a friendly jab at the United States.

In America, we sometimes think we’re the end all be all of the world, so it’s healthy to laugh at yourself from time to time. Jeremy is no stranger to taking these shots and it’s always a breath of fresh air.

How about that time when he slyly noted that a 600-pound boat motor weighed about the same as one American? This little banter makes up a big part of why people tune in.

2. Adventures Across Europe

Spending time in London is one thing, but the best Top Gear moments tend to happen when the guys spread out and travel.

For instance, in the fifth episode of season 7, they headed out on a race that spanned Italy and Alba, and London. The guys even had the opportunity to take a 1001 horsepower plane out for a test run.

3. Finding the Best Drivers

You could say that this was one of the best Top Gear episodes of all time.

The time that they set out in search of countries that had the world’s best drivers kicked off the tenth season and was an absolute joy to watch.

In this episode, the crew got to take out some beauties — including the Porsche 911 and a VW GTI W12-650.

4. The Vietnam Episode

If travel episodes are your bag, you’ll get a real kick out of episode 8 from season 12.

The team traveled the entire country of Vietnam in this one. It took them 8 days and they got the chance to learn a bit of history while trying out several vehicles.

5. That Time They Tried To Destroy a Toyota Truck

I won’t spoil whether they succeeded, but this episode was a gem.

The Toyota Hilux is touted as indestructible. So what do the Top Gear guys set out to do? Destroy it.

You get to see lots of trial and error, and must-see Top Gear moments in this episode.

Simply put, watching this episode makes you appreciate the work of a paint and body shop!

Dive Right In

Once you see that Top Gear is an awesome show, you’re going to want to binge on every episode.

Pop some popcorn, skim through the episodes, and while you’re at it, grab some of our service repair manuals. This way, you get to learn great car tips while enjoying the show’s entertaining moments.