5 DIY Car Projects that Will Totally Save You Money

DIY Car Projects

Cars are expensive. They cost a ton to purchase, they constantly need filled and serviced, and they accumulate wear-and-tear.

Thankfully, many of your basic car needs can be done at home without the grueling cost of taking it to a shop.

Here are 5 super simple ways to help maintain your car’s integrity without breaking the bank.

1) Fluid Checks

This goes without saying- your car needs regular fluid checks to keep it running.

Proper cooling, lubrication, pressure and the cleansing of a car’s components can be accredited to fluid.

Although it is a crazy important necessity to keep your vehicle running, it is actually rather easy to handle yourself and inexpensive.

Dealer fluids are always a safe bet, as well as peak coolant.

Power steering fluid, brake fluid, and coolant should fall between the minimum and maximum lines on their reservoirs. If below minimum, fill with their respective oil.

To check your transmission fluid, remove the dipstick, clean off the oil with a lint-free rag, insert it again, and pull it back out. If the level is below the markings on the stick, it is time to refill the oil.

2) Tire Inspection

Maintaining your tires are important as it decreases your chances of getting into a costly, and even worse, dangerous accident.

Checking pressure requires a pressure gauge (which are also inexpensive), and knowing what the recommended number is. This can be found by checking your buyer’s manual.

Place your gauge on the tire’s valve stem. If it reads close to the recommended number, you are okay.

If the pressure is below what is recommended, add air by simply putting an air nozzle over the stem. Keep checking until the pressure is where it should be.

3) Battery Maintenance

A solid battery connection keeps the battery from dying and having to pay to replace it.

To check your connection, remove the battery terminals with gloves- negative cable first.

After removing terminals, apply cleaning fluid to your posts. Even small amounts of residue can prevent your car from starting.

Battery cleaning fluid can be created at home as well if you are looking to save extra money. Simply mix water to baking soda and voila!

After rinsing and drying your posts, replace the battery terminals and you are all set.

Many are fearful of handling battery parts but as long as both posts do not contact a single piece of metal at the same time, it is completely safe!

4) Windshield Wiper Replacement

Did you know that your wiper blades should be replaced every 6 months?

Getting caught in a storm with malfunctioning wipers can be a recipe for disaster.

Luckily, it is an easy fix and very affordable to do so.

Pull up on the old blades and depress the tab underneath and slide off.

When you attach a new blade, you will hear a click which means it is in place.

Lower the blade to the windshield and repeat on the other side.

After attaching, it is wise to inspect the wipers before you need to use them.

5) Replace Air Filter

Last, and possibly the easiest DIY fix for your vehicle is air filter replacement.

Air filters protect your engine from contaminants, dirt, and debris. When the filter is backed up, this can cause unwanted particles to reach your engine.

The air filter can be found under the hood in black plastic casing or housing.

After purchasing a new filter, remove the old filter and vacuum the debris from inside the casing before putting it in place.

What are some of your favorite DIY projects for your car? Leave a comment below!