Interesting Xbox Car Racing Games

The best xbox car racing games came out just before the introduction of the 360 gaming system. These car racing games were so good it was hard to tell the difference between the new system and the old one.

I still have my original xbox system. You might ask why? Well I own about 40 games for it, but the main reason I keep it is because you can still find really off beat racing games (examples below) for it and they’re cheap. Another thing about the original xbox is that it is extremely reliable.

It’s the console I take with us on family vacations. It doesn’t have the overheat issues that the 360 has. Also visit my page about x-box-360 racing games. Some of the most popular driving games are listed below as well. Each game has been reviewed thoroughly on the Amazon web site by real gamers. I also added hard to find original xbox games and accessories.

X-box burn out take down review. Take-down is simply one of the greatest Xbox car racing games ever made. The games main attraction is that it encourages you to take unnecessary risks (such as big jumps, driving in the wrong lane, and crashing other cars) by awarding you with boost or turbo.

The system works extremely well. The game setup is another attraction. It is setup in a map feature where you can jump from event to event. At times multiple events will be unlocked allowing you to progress even if you can’t complete one race.

This keeps the fun coming and allows most people to finish the majority of the game. Take down has a great sense of speed. Your palms will sweat and your eyes sting, because if you blink its over. Now the game is really cheap used there is absolutely no reason not to buy this stellar game. I have played Revenge on the Xbox, Take down is still the best (my opinion).

Cheap Xbox Car Racing

These are some awesome games! They’re for people who want newer games without having to buy a new console. Racing games were still fun before the invention of good graphics. I spent many quarters on arcade games like Pole Position that didn’t look half as good. Note that some games below are available used from private sellers.

Older Racing Games Reviewed

If you enjoyed the first installment of Flat Out, you will love the second edition. One of the many improvements is the computer controlled competitors (CPU). The racers are much smarter and they also have names, profiles, unique cars and styles of driving.

For me it is easier to get pumped about smashing “Jason Carter” than “car number 7”. Graphics are much more polished and vibrant. Plus you get a much more useful and expanded “games” area that also has a derby section available also.

If you are a fan of the “Need for Speed” series or any hyper-real style of racing game give Flat Out 2 a go. Its more of an arcade style game and the physics are not exactly realistic, but they got the controls right and this makes for fun racing!

One last thing about my buddies who don’t own game systems. This is the xbox car racing game they request to play when they come over every time. The reason is it’s easy to pick up and play and just as fun for a novice but rewards persistence, style and calculated risk taking if you stick with it. If your interested in finding racing games for other platforms including your PC this next link takes you to the fun car games page.

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