Xbox 360 Car Racing Games

Xbox 360 car racing games received some of the best looking graphics just before the launch of Xbox One. They’re almost as good as the newest consoles.

Being fully supported by Microsoft gives it a definite advantage over some of the other aging offerings. With Microsoft loosing in many segments at the time of this writing, gaming seems their best chance at profits?

360 remains a powerful gaming system with lots of choices when it comes to game selection. You can see the current top 25 xbox 360 games here, or continue to read for my personal reviews and opinions on some inexpensive older but still fun car racing games for this not dead yet platform.

Out for the 2013 holiday season was a title called “Need for Speed the run” (Limited Edition) I have the last 2 releases of this series. Hot Pursuit where they offer a choice of being on the side of good or bad.

This game play brings together the experience of being a wheel man or the police officer trying to catch the getaway driver. With on the run its like a canon ball run movie where the race is from San Francisco to NY. These are fresh Ideas to the genre.

These are in my opinion fun to play xbox 360 car racing games. The run could be a little better but nobody’s perfect? What you can count on is really unique ideas that bring a different experience then lets say Gran Turismo or Project Gotham racing.

The run provides a true feeling of racing high-end performance cars pushed to a new level with a better and very realistic first-person cockpit view. This is a fresh take on the first person view from behind the dash that makes you feel part of the car instead of just a button masher.

One innovation worth mentioning is the initial skill settings in need for speed shift. The first task the game puts you through is a trial race from which it provides you with a recommendation of the game play settings. This is a great idea especially for newbies to this racing platform.

The x Box 360 version of Need for speed undercover reviewed. Even though this game now has some age on it I still like it. Why you ask? How about an all-out chase where you could be the good guy or the bad guy.

This open ended game lets you decide if you will be on the side of the police and focus on capture of the criminal in flight. Or you can be the wheel man of the get away car that must escaped a well trained police force using all your driving skills. Yes you have another choice as well.

A mission based mode allows you to be the middle man who is trying to capture the bad guy for your own reasons. It doesn’t go over well with the police now in hot pursuit. In this mode you chase the bad guy and avoid the police at the same time.

This not new racing tittle is the best of both worlds. In fact a game concept that is fresh as the graphics and driving interface. I challenge you to find a driving game for the 360 for less that offers more game play.

Cheap Xbox 360 Car Racing Games

Midnight Club Los Angeles is inexpensive and offers some of the deepest vehicle customization you’ll find in any x box 360 racing game.

The hottest real life cars and motorcycles in the world are yours to choose from. Trick them out, upgrade engine and suspension performance, and personalize each car down to the last detail.

This is a new twist on how it’s done compared to older Xbox360 car racing games. In midnight club Los Angeles you visit garages located in Hollywood and also one in the town of Santa Monica.

Then it’s time to let your imagination run wild. You can spend hours if you want to just tweaking. You fine tune with three major automobile modifications.

The first is performance and handling. To become a street legend, you to have to tune your vehicle for maximum street performance. Next is the exterior of your custom ride. Add unique body kits and never seen before extras.

The in game garages offer limitless possibilities to personalize your vehicle with aftermarket car accessories. The last is a new one for me. Good bye factory interior. Not a good look for a custom car. You’re going to be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, so renovate and make yourself feel comfortable.

The ability to customize car interiors is a lot of fun to play around with. But don’t take to much time because there is a lot of street racing to do. Thank god for the save functions of this rockstar produced Xbox 360 car racing game.

Project Gotham Racing 4

At the heart of the 360 is an optimized processor and a large hard drive. In my opinion no one else knows how to get more out of a computer processor than Microsoft. This is a great console to choose if you like car racing games.

Not only does the Xbox 360 have an exclusive deal on the Halo first person shooter that’s one of the most popular video games of all time. It also has the exclusive for Project Gotham racing. #4 is latest in this car racing game series now available.

Sometimes I recommend an older version because they are often cheaper and the quality almost as good. But not PGR4. The 3rd edition because it’s discontinued is more expensive. The 4th edition is winding down and an inventory clearing price is available.

Here are some of the cars that are available in the PGR4 game. These new vehicles are lined up and ready to be driven, including the 2004 TVR Sagaris.

The 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, 2005 Vanwall GPR V12, 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo, 2005 Gumpert Apollo, 1997 Panoz GTR-1 Coupe, 2006 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, and 1957 Maserati 250F.

I don’t believe in strategy guides for most games. But on some games that are extremely deep and complicated a strategy guide makes it more fun without taking away the challenge. In this case the driving is challenging enough to carry the game.

The strategy guide provides best practices and tips to enhance game play without giving away to much. Example: It covers racing on the different tracks and tricks to gain the fastest track times, build Kudos, and win championships.

You still have to execute them and it’s not easy. Also Learn about racing lines, cornering through an apex, game events, and tips for multiple player matches.

Other Car Racing Games

I have also included three other top rated Xbox car racing games, especially for the 360 system. Yes they may be a little older but a good game is hard to find.

Old in many cases means inexpensive. These are all top-rated car racing games that I have played and are still readily available for the Xbox 360 system.

You can click on the game image to see reviews and get many unbiased opinions from the die hard gamer on how these individual racing games stack up against the competition. You’ll also see screen-shots and detailed descriptions of each individual game.

Xbox 360 Racing Games Available Now

My car racing game review Forza 3. I made this 360 xbox car racing game available above. Here is a review of one of my favorite racing titles to date. Up until this point, I had always considered Gran Turismo the best racing game on the market. Forza 3 has taken the crown. There are a lot of features I like about this game, I’ll limit them to five.

Easy to learn controls, Damage system (something Gran Turismo has never had), Amazing and Brilliant user interface, Online features (career, auction house, car gifting).

The best car customization I have seen and much more. I only have two minor issues with the game. One, it’s pretty easy to upgrade your car to A Class or S Class after a few races while the computer continues to race D/C Classes.

The other issue is that the tracks themselves are a little bland (of course, this is a trade off in order to create highly detailed car models and run at 60 fps). If you buy this game get your hands on a GTI and upgrade it to 700 HP.

This next link takes you to my fun car games section where you can find the best car racing games for all the popular consoles and the lowest prices on the net for ps3 and xbox 360 systems. Go from Xbox 360 car racing games to fun car games. If you still have the original xbox you can still get newer games that from a driving stand point are still amazing. See my review page of the most popular xbox car racing games. Learn more about this car website and why I like xbox 360 car racing games plus find some more car questions and answers.