What Makes a Good Website

Answers to the question what makes a good website. The right process, the right tools, correctly applied at the right time. that’s how making my own website about the auto industry has grown into a real online business.

An offering of proof! this Sbi website is on the first page of the most popular search engine (#8 on the day of this writing) out of 150,000,000 competing websites. This is for the heavily contested key words of “auto facts”. In general the shorter the keyword phrase the harder it is to get on page one.

Take a minute to do a search for the needed proof and take note of the big dollar websites that are on page 2 of the 150 million results returned for that search term. I use the automotive industry, a subject I know a lot about! You can pick your own topic and expand it into a full blown web business. I wasted my time for years. I would hate for you to do the same! At the end of this short page I will provide a text link to the No Charge information you need before you jump into any online venture.

You will learn how to build profitable web sites with straight forward no filler information. This is far from all the junk you have seen floating around the Net.

It is also what sets SBI apart from the fly by night outfits that just take money. The SBI plan and a complete set of tools removed all the technical barriers for me when building this website about the car industry.

You can do it yourself, without expensive Webmasters, designers and Search Engine specialists. You can sometimes actually do better with out them. All you have to do is focus on your business and apply lots of effort. SBI! Owners know what makes a good website. They succeed in less time spending far fewer dollars.

What Makes a Good Website Builder

Here are just a few advantages I use when making my own website about the auto industry. SBI automates the submission process including new Google Site maps, Bing and Yahoo for you. This is where most of the traffic originates.

A lot of people get in trouble with this step by over submitting their web pages. Site build it handles this and gets your pages listed without poking the beehive or setting off red flags. Just before you build each page, SBI will check the page and tell you exactly what to do to rank high and be found at the engines.

After your site is ranked, included SBI forums and newsletters even tell you how to rank higher. Everything is integrated and this is what makes a good website. Only SBI runs 24/7 across the site background (unheard of even for professionals). This improves search results and alerts you to broken links and so forth all automatically. Also what makes a good website builder is new features added regularly like the following.

RSS/Blog It is included and converts your entire web site into a blog with its own feed to promote. A feed is a powerful way to distribute your Web site to the world, with the mere click of a button. RSS Blog It Also automatically pings every major RSS engine and directory.

Just released, Monetize It and content 2.0 A revolution in monetizing is here. This is not one module, it’s three that ties you in with visitor interaction using the latest web 2.0 tactics to build a community. What makes a good website? Sheer productivity that helps remove obstacles so you can create quality content without distraction. Yes it’s true I am affiliated with this company as I stated throughout this page but watch the video anyway.

Since you have made it this far down on the page, I owe you a free gift. Hands down the best group of quality Free products I have seen in one place. As an SBI potential customer you have earned the right to browse through the what makes a good website free area.

If you are more interested in blogging then building static websites then visit my word press blog. It provides tips and best practices in the form of how to articles about designing websites with quality in mind.

This next link takes you back to the Start page for Auto-Facts.org and provides information on what gives me the right to answer car questions.

Finally more information about why I decided to build a car website.