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Chevrolet Surfing Truck

I wax my cars and trucks too much I’m told by friends. I am a big believer that you have to spend some money on good quality waxes if you want it last for more then a couple of weeks.

You invest time and money into your cars why not spend some on the finishing touches that will make it pop. When others are buying old stock on clearance sales I am not.

I usually put a fresh coat on my car about every 2 months. I have tried all the most popular cheap car waxes and products. Including carnuba based and synthetic based car polishes.

I have been disappointed with most of them, even the big names. This is a story of how to wax your car less and enjoy it more. To me it seems that after you wax it actually starts to wear off in just a few weeks.

I live in Florida “the sunshine state” It says this right on my license plate. To make things worse I live by the beach on the gulf side of the Sunshine State.

The relentless sun and salt air forces me to keep a coat of wax on my investment or it will wind up beaten and faded. I have seen ten year old cars down hear with worn and weathered paint from these brutal conditions.

In some cases the paint finish is worn down to the primer! When this happens rust develops quickly (rust never sleeps)because most primers are not water proof. Every couple of months I forced myself to apply a coat. I wouldn’t mind doing it once a year but 6 times a year was getting old.

Waxing Cars by Trial and Error

Gloss Black 1988 Mercury Cougar XR7

Yes I tried the once a year car polish. I thought it was easy to apply but like the other products only lasted a month or two. Of course this was depending on the weather conditions.

I still don’t get why it lasts on the commercials where they run it through 100 consecutive automatic washes. It’s some kind of trick I suppose? When they say once a year car polish that does not indicate how long it will last or how to wax your car using the product.

So out of desperation I started doing extensive trial and error research for a better system. It came down to only a few products that are very different from the standard stuff you find in-stock on store shelf’s.

Zymol Car Wax Reviews

I will talk about the one I use most and how to wax your car with this product. The stuff is called Zymol and before you click away or go running for the hills I’m not trying to sell this to you.

I just wanted to tell you what its like to use it and discuss the Internet buzz around it. The product is a high line wax formula and is installed on the most expensive cars.

When I first got the product and read the instructions I was a little turned off. It appeared that it would take longer to apply this stuff then when I wax my car with a standard carnauba wax.

But after getting into it, no extra time was required. The product wiped off like silk and buffed real easy.Note that you don’t let the product dry completely before removing. Since its not hardened it comes off easier.

This is compared to the hard rubbing required for some of the competitors. I thought using Zymol was a pleasure. What was the shine like? I will be honest.

It shined like it always does after a fresh coat. No better and no worse then the Meguiar’s® Deep Crystal® System Carnauba Wax I have used since I got my drivers license.

The difference was the way it felt to the touch. The finish was slippery and smooth like silk. I like it, but what will you hear on the internet?

This product has a tendency to make people angry with lofty claims and high prices. They say that Zymol is the best car wax available and will make your car shine like new for years.

I don’t know why they say this it just makes the car polish consumer say no way. It has been about 5 months since I applied this product and it is still holding up to the Florida sun and salt air.

1971 Chevrolet SS Chevelle

And it still shines like the day I put it on, but it will never last years under these harsh conditions.

The Meguiar’s® products shined just as well but did not last this long as far as beading water and slick just waxed feel. With that said, you can poke around the Internet and hear people complaining about Zymols high price tag. But you wont see people complain about the protection or the shine.

Following the instruction on the container is important and includes storage of the unused product. You have to keep it cool. More importantly follow all the information on how to wax your car with this product. It’s included with package.

For me I have already made out because for the first time since I have arrived in Florida I haven’t had to wax my car in 5 months. Another bonus is that the finish is so slick that even after 5 months all I have to do is rinse my car and shammy dry.

No scrubbing or even using soap. This has cut my car cleaning time way down. Take a look at Zymol waxes and Meguiar’s® products on the Internet and read the testimonials.

Search engines provide secure easy shopping for these kinds of products and the complete detailing kits are great. Just type car wax into your favorite search engine and see what they have to offer.

Even if Zymol and Meguiar’s® doesn’t last years it still lasts longer then anything else I have used. It also shines just as bright as the most expensive carnuba wax or synthetic stuff on the market. Give this car waxing resource page a bookmark or share with friends.

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