Transmission Problem After Service

Used Automatic Transmission

Used Automatic Transmission

I need some help please? My car was serviced by the dealer to top up all fluids. Somehow they did not secure the cap on the transmission fluid.I took it back to them to have it fixed, they did not order the right part but told me it was okay to continue driving the car. My car lost all its transmission fluid and stopped dead in traffic. I called the dealership, they told me to have it towed to them. They said the fluids would be topped up again to see how the car ran and then call me to pick it up. My question is how can I be sure that the vehicle doesn’t have more damage? What are the right questions to ask to be sure? Is there an obligation on the dealer’s part to fix any damage if we find it later? please and thank you for any help?Answer to Transmission problems after service.You did not mention year make or mileage so my comment will be somewhat generic. Being concerned about damage is a valid one. Sometimes when the transmission is run low on fluid it can start to slip witch can cause wear to the internal friction plates. Your best protection would be documentation. Start a file, starting with the receipt for the service when the issue started. Document who you spoke with, date and time when you called in to notify them of the problem. Get a receipt or copy of one from the towing company. If the vehicle is still under manufacture warranty I would open up a case with the car maker and document that information as well. This way if you have premature failure of the transmission you have documentation to prove why. Sidebar: There may be No Harm done to the transmission as a result of the situation. The only reliable way to find out is to take the transmission apart for inspection.

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Transmission Problems – The End by: Anonymous Just thought you would like to know what happened to my vehicle.We had to take the vehicle back once more after the service manager assuring us that the problem was fixed.That night it leaked again; we towed the vehicle back to the dealership. They kept the vehicle for almost 5 days before advising us to pick it up. The end result was a transmission replacement. It was replaced by used transmission that had less miles on it.We haven’t had any difficulties this week and were not required to pay anything (since they didn’t know what triggered it?). Anyway, unless there are problems with using a used transmission (please let me know), then I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave us advice.We followed it as much as we could and it was successful. Thank you once again!

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Transmission leak problems by: Anonymous I think KIA has a 10/100 transmission warranty. If your vehicle is still under a power-train warranty from the Factory I would give KIA customer service a call(The # is in your owners manual) to let them know about the ongoing issue.Factory warranties are usually better then extended ones. With out seeing the vehicle it’s hard to say why the dealer is having problems getting your transmission to stop leaking fluid. But I have seen internal problems cause fluid venting.If your transmission is heading toward major repair you want to make sure all parties involved understand whats going on and why.In closing I should mention that replacing the transmission with a Factory Reconditioned unit in “my opinion” is better than having the dealer overhaul the existing transmission.(If it goes that far)

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Transmission Problems – The Saga Continues by: Anonymous Thank you very much for your advice. I do appreciate your thoughts. Today we picked up my vehicle (2004 KIA RIO – 90K) and 5 hours later the transmission fluid leaked out again.We did buy an extended warranty so I have begun to document the issue.At about 9PM tonight, I was at work, came out and noticed that the transmission fluid had leaked out on the pavement. I called my Aunt and she had me call CAA and deliver the car back to the dealer.If I sounded concerned yesterday, I’m now very, very upset especially after my aunt and I spent a long time on the phone with the service manager and he managed to convince us that the car was okay.I’m afraid I don’t trust their words now; any thoughts would be so appreciated please.